Upper School Arts

Students with an interest in the arts flourish and thrive at Durham Academy. Our arts program is held to the same high standard of excellence as our academic program, with courses led by teachers who are artists in their own right. Each year, several of our graduates go on to study arts in college, and then continue on to successful careers in fine and performing arts as adults. 

Performing Arts

Dance, Theatre & Music

Fine Arts

Visual Art, Photography & Digital Art

"My time in the DA arts program not only made my high school experience great, but has helped me succeed at making music my full-time job. Working with Michael Meyer and Trevor Hoyt in In The Pocket [jazz-rock ensemble] and other classes gave me a strong musical foundation and fostered my love of music. I attribute a lot of my success today to what I gained from my time in the DA arts program. It’s been an honor to get to work with ITP recently in my professional career through mixing and recording their latest records, and I hope to continue to work with the DA arts in the future."

Jared Anderson, professional singer, songwriter, producer and sound engineer

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