Preschool Wellness

A vital component of a "moral, happy, productive" life — Durham Academy's goal for each student — is physical, social-emotional and mental wellness.

Physical Wellness

Pre-kindergartners and kindergartners explore healthy food choices in cooking classes. Students learn beginner cooking skills, like how to chop vegetables safely and mix ingredients, and then experience the excitement of tasting the finished product. We find that students are more likely to try dishes with new ingredients if they have had a hand in creating them!

Three days a week, Preschoolers participate in physical education class, which offers a fun introduction to the importance of physical activity. The Preschool PE curriculum emphasizes basic body management, locomotor and non-locomotor skills, manipulative activities, games of low organization, rhythmic activities and gymnastics. In addition to PE class, time is set aside for free play during recess each day.

Social-Emotional Wellness

For kindergarten and pre-kindergarten students, the value of healthy friendships, kindness, empathy and problem-solving is taught via books and through direct instruction modeling.

Mental Wellness

Preschool teachers work with students to learn how to identify emotions, appropriately express emotions and to self-regulate their emotions.

Health Care Professionals

Teachers are at the heart of wellness efforts, and to enhance care for students and bolster our medical policies and procedures, DA also relies on multiple health professionals.

The Preschool/Lower School Infirmary is managed by Kim Allison, who is available to care for sick students, as well as to administer medication to students who require it on a routine basis.

Licensed Nurse Practitioner Sarah Chaires is DA’s medical consultant. Parents may occasionally hear from Chaires regarding health alerts and advice.

Dr. Walker Robinson serves as DA’s collaborating physician, supervising sports medicine education programming and schoolwide health care policies and protocols.