Signature Programs

Community — be it the DA community, our local community or our global community — is at the heart of several hallmark Preschool experiences.

Emerald Pond Partnership

In 2014, a beautiful partnership was born with our neighbors down Pickett Road at Emerald Pond senior living community. Over the course of each year, students pay our neighbors several visits — to help decorate the center for holidays, for Halloween trick-or-treating, for sing-a-longs and more — and our neighbors frequently come to campus to serve as lunchtime readers.

Preschool visits Emerald Pond

Class Plays

Each pre-kindergarten and kindergarten class produces a play each year — typically adapted from a beloved children's book or folk tale, like The Tale of Peter Rabbit and Anansi and the Moss-Covered Rock. Every single student has a speaking part (with memorized lines), and students work with teachers to create their own costumes.

Preschool class play

International Night

Each spring, Preschoolers and their families take a tour of the world — no air or sea travel required. Parent, faculty and Upper School student volunteers set up stations at which Preschoolers learn about the cultures, cuisines and languages of countries on every continent. Students have their "passports" stamped as they enjoy craft activities, food and music while they circle the globe.

Preschool international night

Community Helper Visits

Each fall, pre-kindergartners learn about the "community helpers" who work to keep us all safe, and they get to meet these heroes in person! Durham police officers and Durham firefighters visit the Preschool each year to explain how they save lives — and they even offer highly anticipated tours of their police car and fire truck, and an opportunity to try out some of their protective gear.

Preschool firefighters visit