Fall Gifts & Wraps Fundraiser

Durham Academy Parents Association’s Fall Gifts & Wraps Fundraiser offers parents a fun and simple way to support the school while purchasing high-quality gifts and gift wrap at the same time.

2020 Sale: Sept. 22Oct. 9

This year’s sale features high-quality gifts – from candles, candies and dips to unique kitchen items and holiday décor – plus giftwrap from Meadow Farms!

Look for samples of the items available in the display case in the Preschool/Lower School lobby.


  • This year’s sale will be online only.
  • Durham Academy’s Parents Association receives 40% profit on all orders.
  • Orders will ship directly to your home.   
  • Orders of $75+ will ship for FREE.
  • Preschool and Lower School students will be sent home with catalogs. Middle School and Upper School students can pick up a packet with catalog in the Middle School Main Office (Room #100) and in the Upper School Learning Commons Lobby (near the Upper School front office), respectively.

Placing an Order Online to Support your Student’s Fundraiser

1. Go to www.meadowfarms.com and click on a “REGISTER” button to create an account for your child. Also, you can do the same by clicking on “Login” from the Menu (Select “Register – I Know my School ID”).

2. Enter School ID #:  MF1137006

3. Follow the instructions to customize your child’s Online Store Front and to complete the registration.

Come back anytime to make changes in your settings, to send an invitation to your family and friends to participate in the fundraiser, or to shop – click on “LOGIN” and enter your child’s Seller ID# and Password.

For your Family and Friends to shop and benefit your child’s fundraiser, please share your child’s Seller ID (for example, by sending an email/text or using other social media means from your child’s Online Store Front). Then they can go to www.meadowfarms.com, click on “SHOP NOW” and enter the Seller ID# you shared.

Online orders of $75+ will ship FREE to your home. For 48 hours (Oct 3–4), use the promo code DURHAM at check out to receive a flat $5 shipping fee for all orders of less than $75.

Placing an Order on Online just to Support Durham Academy:

If you wish to place an order just to support Durham Academy (without credit going to an individual student), go to www.meadowfarms.com, click on “SHOP NOW” and enter ID #:  3000540.

Every order placed positively impacts Durham Academy! THANK YOU for your support of this important Durham Academy event!

Fall Gifts and Wraps
Fall Gifts and Wraps

Check out a few of the items available via the catalogs above, and shop now at www.meadowfarms.com!

Contact Caylan Ashworth or Margaret Dillard with questions.