Fall Gifts & Wraps Fundraiser

Thanks to the incredible generosity of the Durham Academy community, the 2019 Parents Association’s Fall Gifts & Wraps Fundraiser was a huge success. Thank you to everyone who participated in this event!  

If you are still waiting for your order to arrive, online orders are expected to ship as they are received/processed. If an online order contains chocolate or candles, Meadow Farms will wait to ship the orders until the weather cools off.  

Orders placed with a paper form will arrive in November.

While the official sale period is over, you may still place an order to benefit Durham Academy until Dec. 13, 2019. Visit www.meadowfarms.com, click “SHOP” and enter the School ID #: 1137002 (in place of the Seller ID#).

Please contact Caylan Ashworth or Margarita Hendricks with any questions. 

If any items in your order arrived damaged, please contact Meadow Farms directly at 800-886-7895.

Thank you for your support of this Durham Academy Parents Association event!