CavClassifieds is an electronic advertising service provided by the DA Parents Association through which goods or services are advertised.

Ad revenues from this service benefit programs of the Durham Academy Parents Association, and your advertisement reaches nearly 1,000 DA households. Previous ads have listed items to sell, sought items to buy, and advertised for babysitters, summer jobs, house rentals or other services. You may also include lost and found items or advertise your business. 

CavClassifieds is emailed to the DA community and posted online during the first week of each month during the school year, September through June. (You must log in to access the page.) Ad placement is required five school days before the first day of the month.

Advertising Rates & Parameters

  • Personal/family ad, DA-affiliated advertiser (current and former DA parents and students): $10
  • Business ad, DA-affiliated advertiser (current and former DA parents, employees and students): $20
  • DA employee ad (either personal or business): $10
  • Non DA-affiliated advertiser: $50 
  • Any ad including a logo will incur an additional cost of $5 per month.

Ads must be limited to 50 words or fewer. 

Advertisements are not necessarily endorsed by Durham Academy, and the Parents Association reserves the right refuse any advertisement deemed inconsistent with the best interests of the school. No political ads will be accepted.