Affinity Programs

Feel like you visit Amazon or the grocery store every day? Wouldn’t it be great if all that shopping helped out a worthy organization? Durham Academy’s Parents Association has established affinity programs with several local and online stores. Every time you use your card, Durham Academy will receive a percentage back, and there is no additional cost to you!

Support DA by starting your Amazon shopping at It has the same products, same prices and same Amazon Prime benefits if you are a member — and DA receives 0.5% cash back. Please note that you must complete the check-out process via, rather than via the Amazon app or the regular Amazon website, for your purchase to benefit Durham Academy.

While there is not an Amazon Smile mobile app, you can add an Amazon Smile bookmark to your phone's home screen to make it easy to shop!

  1. On your phone, open your browser, such as Safari.
  2. Go to
  3. If it says “Supporting Durham Academy,” proceed to step 4. Otherwise, select Durham Academy.
  4. Tap the Share button at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Choose “Add to Home Screen” as shown in this screenshot.

Harris Teeter

At the beginning of each school year, link your VIC card online to DA (school #1242). You can also ask your cashier to link your card to DA. Want your VIC relinked automatically each August? Use a phone number at checkout? Send us your phone number, or VIC number (a photo of the card works), at, and consider it done.

Office Depot

At checkout, ask the cashier to link your purchase to Durham Academy (school #70120127). Learn more about the program.

Questions or need more information? Email the Affinity Programs coordinator.

Thank you for your support!