Middle School After-School Programs

Our Middle School after-school program is a free-flowing, relaxed atmosphere where kids have a chance to be with their friends after a busy day. We provide many active, gaming, and creative opportunities that support students’ growing friendships, coping skills, and independence.

Middle School students may attend Extended Day from 3:02–6 p.m. Study Hall is available as a part of Extended Day or as a separate option from 3:15–5 p.m. Enrichment options are also available from 3:30–4:30 p.m. (unless otherwise noted).

If you need care on a day when school is not in session due to parent conferences, professional development or faculty meetings, we offer All-Day Care. We also provide care for children on Late-Start Days throughout the school year. These days are filled with lots of fun activities and allow working parents to better manage their schedules.  

Extended Day

Extended Day students transition to the Middle School Extended Day room independently at 3:02 p.m. Students are provided a snack and an opportunity to unwind before heading to Study Hall or staying to play in Extended Day. Middle School students may be enrolled in Extended Day for two, three or five days per week, may enroll in five-day Study Hall, or may drop-in to either Extended Day and/or Study Hall as needed. For questions about Middle School Extended Day, please contact Zakia Vanhoose.

Students with a five-day Extended Day contract may attend any of our All-Day Care days at no additional charge.

Middle School Extended Day: 3:02–6 p.m.


5 Days a Week (plus All-Day Care)


3 Days a Week


2 Days a Week


Extended Day Drop-In


After-Enrichment Drop-In to Extended Day


After-Study Hall Drop-In to Extended Day


Before or After a Late (4–5 p.m.) Enrichment


Before and After a Late (4–5 p.m.) Enrichment



Study Hall

In Study Hall, students have an opportunity to finish their homework in a quiet and supportive setting. Study Hall is offered in the Middle School computer lab from 3:15–5 p.m. and is supervised by Middle School faculty. If students finish their homework early, Study Hall is a perfect time to dive into a good book while they wait to be picked up. Study Hall is available at no additional charge to children with Extended Day annual contracts or to Extended Day drop-ins. 

Please note that there is no Study Hall on Fridays or the last day of the school week. Children with a Study Hall contract may attend Extended Day at no additional charge on those days until 5 p.m. 

Middle School Study Hall: 3:02–5 p.m.


5 Days a Week


Study Hall Drop-In




Enrichments at the Middle School offer a deeper dive into students’ interests with physical, intellectual, and creative outlets. There’s an Enrichment to suit every Middle Schooler — from those focused on robotics and musical theater, to yoga, board/card games and hip-hop dance.

Middle School students enjoy Enrichments from 3:30–4:30 p.m. (unless otherwise noted). After school, they independently go to the classroom where the Enrichment is located. Your child can drop in to Extended Day before a late-starting class and/or after their Enrichment for a daily fee, to cover snack and staffing. Pick-up is at the classroom the Enrichment is scheduled in, unless otherwise arranged with the Enrichment instructor.

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We are also proud to offer group and individual music lessons with a diverse array of talented musicians who are also dedicated teachers.

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DA’s chess Enrichment classes, led by coach/teacher Craig Jones, offer a terrific opportunity for Middle Schoolers to grow academically and feed intellectual curiosity. Middle School chess Enrichments are appropriate both for students new to chess, as well as for students who have been enjoying this ancient discipline for years. While some Middle School chess players choose to play solely recreationally, many have found great success in playing competitively. 

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