Middle School

In the Middle School years, young people undergo a tremendous transformation. Critical connections begin to form in the brain, bodies stretch and change, and children begin to develop habits that will determine the character they will carry into adulthood. At Durham Academy Middle School — serving grades five through eight — we dig into this tremendous period of growth, partnering with families to create a positive atmosphere that fosters individual maturation and sense of place within a community.

Academic Curriculum

We stretch learners & support them as they find their path.

Character & Community

Empathy & kindness are key in the Middle School years.


Creativity fosters exploration of identity & the world.


Interscholastic teams are offered in grades 7 & 8.

Meet Our Faculty

Our teachers are experts in their field of instruction and connect with students on deep levels to facilitate learning — and have plenty of fun while doing it!

“Every day I look forward to my advisory, which has become my family at school. Time in advisory is like time with family. Leaving California after 11 years was difficult, but the warmth and openness of DA’s faculty and students helped allay any fears that I had and eased my transition into the DA community.” 


“In the Middle School, we have a lot of independence. The teachers rely on you to make sure you have your stuff, and it helps you build up so that when you get older you won’t have to rely on other people — you’ll be prepared.”


"My DA experience has been amazing. There is such a synergy between the faculty and the students. Also, the community is so welcoming. I was a new student to DA in second grade, now I am in sixth grade and I am loving every minute at DA. This community is so unique. And also AWESOME."


“One thing DA really does for you is teach time management. I’ve gotten a lot better at balancing my time from sixth grade now all the way to eighth grade, and I know I’ll be ready for the challenges of Upper School next year.”


A Middle School by Design

Middle School Arts Building

"The reimagining of the Middle School allows us to craft learning spaces that allow all children to reach their full potential. These new spaces — including a top-notch arts and languages facility and state-of-the-art academic classroom buildings — will be flexible for teachers and will meet the unique needs of students."

Jon Meredith, Middle School Director

After-School Options

Our after-school program offers a range of options to help support parents' schedules and to give students opportunities to explore their interests and develop friendships.

Middle School After-School Options

Extended Day

3:10–6 p.m.

After-School Enrichments

Most Classes: 3:30–4:30 p.m.

What's Going On After School?


We care for the whole child at Durham Academy, with a deliberate focus on students' physical, social-emotional and mental wellness.

Learn About Wellness at the Middle School