Learning Support

Durham Academy is committed to supporting students with learning differences. With three full-time learning specialists and a part-time learning support coach on our faculty, we are able to guide students toward confidence and self-advocacy, while helping them gain a better understanding of their learning strengths and weaknesses.


Our learning specialists work with students, parents and faculty to ensure a clear understanding of a student’s psycho-educational testing and to navigate the process for securing related accommodations. Durham Academy provides reasonable accommodations to facilitate a student’s academic success. 

In order for students to be eligible to receive academic accommodations, parents must provide a current psycho-educational assessment. The evaluation must be administered within four years by a licensed psychologist, include a diagnosed learning difference and clearly indicate a need for academic modifications and accommodations.

The general responsibility for helping teachers implement the accommodations resides with the learning specialist. Students interested in receiving accommodations on standardized testing such as the SAT, AP exams and the ACT, should contact the Office of College Counseling for more information.  

Work with Classroom Teachers

Learning specialists work closely with classroom teachers to serve in the best interest of all Durham Academy students. They conduct classroom observations, share instructional strategies, and suggest appropriate next steps in the quest for student success.

Our learning specialists also meet with students to help them with organizational strategies, time-management and study skills. In the spirit of all Durham Academy students leading happy, moral, and productive lives, it is most important that all students feel empowered and knowledgeable about who they are as learners.