Summer Institute: Ages 12 and Up

Summer Institute comprises fun-filled programs that allow campers to take a deep dive in areas of interest. We bring together top-of-their-game Durham Academy faculty and alumni with partners from our neighboring universities to create a vibrant summer of learning and discovery.

Summer Institute is held daily Monday–Friday from 8:30–3:30 p.m. in state-of-the-art facilities and on the wide-open grounds of our beautiful Upper School campus.

Lifelong learners who are curious about new materials and/or seeking mastery of materials to generate more confidence are all welcome at the Durham Academy Summer Institute. Through a fusion of learning and play, we hope to challenge learners to take control of sometimes-stressful topics, such as test-taking, essay-writing and driving — and also guide learners toward a deeper love of Shakespeare, technological skills, math, literacy and writing, storytelling and so much more. Campers will have fun while learning, making new friends and staying connected socially through the summer.

Whether your camper is ready to learn the (literal) rules of the road or discover a new passion, join us this summer! 

Summer Institute Offerings

  • Adult and Child CPR and AED Training and Babysitting Certification
  • Advanced Math (for Girls!)
  • Advanced Roller Coaster Engineering Institute
  • Algebra: Exponentials, Logarithms, and Trigonometry
  • Algebra: Matrices Systems of Equations
  • Algebra: Quadratics, Polynomials and Rational Functions
  • Algebra Two-Week Bootcamp Institute
  • Building Empathy and Confidence with Collaborative Storytelling  
  • Calculus: Limits and Continuity and Intro to Differentiation, Computing Derivatives Institute
  • Calculus: Significance and Application of Derivatives Institute
  • Careers with Math Institute
  • Chess Institute
  • Coach Graves Girls Basketball Institute
  • DARC Side Robotics Institute
  • Driver's Education
  • Entrepreneurship: Build an App and Pitch it in the Shark Tank Institute
  • Entrepreneurship: How to be Successful Influencer
  • Etymology and Latin Roots
  • Fencing Institute
  • Game Design and Storytelling with Scratch Institute
  • Gaming & Designing Worlds: Coding with Minecraft
  • Guitar and Ukulele Institute
  • How Stories Can Make You Happier
  • Mandarin Chinese Language Institute 
  • Math Special Topics Institute
  • Mathematical Modeling Institute
  • Mixed Media Institute
  • Pet Portraits in Oil Paint Institute
  • Pre-Algebra 2 Week Institute
  • Precalculus Prep Institute
  • Sixth Grade Math Skills
  • Social Scientist Institute
  • Spatola Basketball Institute
  • Summer Music Lab Institute
  • Topology: The Mathematics of Mobius Strips Institute
  • Ultimate Frisbee Institute
  • YARD (Youth Anti-Racism Discussions)


Summer Institute Schedule

8:30–9 a.m. Flexible Arrival
9 a.m. Attendance
9 a.m.–noon Deep Dive Learning 
12:15–1 p.m. Lunch & Store
1–3 p.m. Deep Dive Learning
3–3:30 p.m. Exploring Issues
3:30–4 p.m. Flexible Pick-Up


Summer at DA 2021

Week 1: June 14–19
Week 2: June 21–26
Week 3: June 28–July 2
Week 4: July 5–9
Week 5: July 12–16
Week 6: July 19–23
Week 7: July 26–30
Week 8: Aug. 2–6