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COVID-19 Prototols

With two successful summers of running camps in the era of COVID-19 under our belt (with no reported transmission in either 2020 or 2021) we feel confident as a team we will be able to deliver an incredible summer for our families again in 2022!

  • We will continue to follow health professionals' guidance on how to run camps safely and will update parents as needed with any changes. 

  • We will run all-day programming to keep campers cohorting in groups, much like cabins. Only a few Summits will be offered as specialty add-ons for camp if families are inclined to do so.

  • Camp groups will eat, rotate and travel around the 84 acres to the different activities together. We also picked this all-day "cabinized" model to take requests for similar-aged siblings and friends to cohort in the same group while maintaining a great group of campers to expand their networks.  

  • To enforce social distancing, all on-campus camps will be capped as recommended so that students can remain in cohorts with the same group of students throughout the day.

  • Campers and staff will wash hands as advised by the CDC every two hours and as needed.

  • Staff will strive to maintain 6 feet of distance between campers during activities.

  • High-contact surfaces will be continually cleaned.

  • All campers and summer team members will be asked to wear masks. Upon arrival, they will have their temperatures checked, and parents will be surveyed before being admitted to any facilities.

  • All staff will receive extensive training and practice procedures.

  • Classes and clinics will be limited in their size according to 6-foot distancing.

  • All health forms and an updated COVID-19 camper waiver will need to be updated and submitted by families to be allowed to attend camp, which will be reviewed by our Health and Safety Coordinator. This is all in your Camp Brain account as required paperwork.

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Health & Safety Team

DA Summer Health and Safety Coordinator Jay Dillon

Jay Dillon

During the school year, Jay serves as an athletic trainer at Durham Academy. He earned a B.S. in athletic training from Towson University and an M.S. in applied health physiology from Salisbury University. Jay also holds LAT, ATC and CSCS certifications.

DA Consulting Nurse Hunter Babwah

Hunter helps the entire Durham Academy community (including DA Summer) navigate health and safety logistics. She is a registered nurse and family nurse practitioner and has worked with newborns to young adults on a surgical and trauma unit at UNC Medical Center.

Safety, Medications & Injury/Illness