Camp Store & Food

Camp Store

At our new camp store, campers can use their store account (with parent permission) and can charge a few keepsakes, healthy snacks and occasional treats — say, a cold Gatorade on a hot day or an ice cream sandwich. We suggest $20 as plenty for each camper's account.



Lunch and food is such an important part of camp. It is the "social sauce" — the time when campers and counselors learn about one other and take time to recharge. We hope our lunch service will take out the stress of sending snacks and meals each day for some or all of the days of camp.

Placing Your Order

We are pleased to again partner with local eateries to provide lunch for campers again this year. Campers can order lunches and snacks directly via a form 24 hours in advance, and lunches will be delivered to your child's location, fresh and ready to eat!

You can place your order for one day, two days, one week, or the entire summer. A link to place your order will be made available as the summer draws near.

Please note that same-day ordering is not available, and you must order 24 hours in advance.



It is important to note that we are not nut-free. While we dedicate allergy tables and have a Health and Safety Coordinator on site, we encourage families to partner with us and pack nut-free meals. With partnership and providing safe environments and training for our staff, we are proactive in keeping lunch safe. We will be reaching out individually to families needing an action plan for allergies.