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School Divisions

No matter the age or stage at which a child joins the Durham Academy community, the DA experience is a foundation built not only on academic excellence, but a worldview infused with empathy, kindness, integrity, responsibility and courage; a life filled with curiosity, engagement, authenticity, joy and balance; and a future forged with creativity, drive, resilience, generosity and wisdom.

Preschool students learning through crafts
Preschool students learning through crafts
Lower school students eagerly raise their hands to answer a question
Lower school students reading and comparing books
Middle school students dissecting a sheep heart during science class
Middle school students show off one of their newly designed spaces
Upper school students during a science class
Upper school students during a class lecture

The journey begins in the Preschool and Lower School, where teachers create a warm, welcoming environment that launches a love of learning and a lifetime of intellectual curiosity. In Middle School, students start their path to maturity, discovering their talents and inspirations and developing the values and habits that help them along their journey. Upper Schoolers immerse themselves in their passions, with a flexible, rigorous curriculum and dedicated teachers who challenge and support them as thinkers and young adults.