Ways to Give

Durham Academy's gift year ends June 30, but you may want to contribute by Dec. 31 to take advantage of current year tax benefits.

Fancy and Hobson Hogan, Nicholas, Sutton and Reed

“Our family makes giving to Durham Academy part of our annual tax loss harvesting exercise that is done in consultation with our financial advisor at the end of the year. As we go through the process of taking losses to offset realized gains, we also look at highly appreciated securities where we would incur significant capital gains taxes in a sale. Instead of selling these securities and paying the capital gains tax, we simply donate the security to DA. When it comes to capital gains taxes, it is one of the few ‘win-win’ situations available. The Philanthropy Team at DA makes it virtually pain-free, which is all the more reason to take advantage of such an opportunity.”

Hobson Hogan and Fancy Hogan ’96, Parents of Nicholas ’23, Sutton ’26 and Reed ’29