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Posted Tuesday, Feb 19, 2019 2:19:00 PM
Durham Academy Head of School Michael Ulku-Steiner has announced the appointment of Andy Pogach as DA's new director of athletics, beginning July 1, 2019.
Posted Monday, Feb 18, 2019 2:58:00 PM
The Durham Academy Alumni Board will honor two accomplished alumni and a beloved faculty member at its Spring Alumni Reception, set for April 26. The entire DA community is invited to celebrate the selection of Distinguished Alumni Award winner Dr. Malinda Maynor Lowery '91; Alumni Service Award winner the Rev. John Hage '94; and Faculty and Staff Legacy Award winner Debbie Suggs.
Posted Thursday, Feb 7, 2019 3:43:00 PM
When fourth-grader Ellen Brown auditioned for the role of a child in Greensboro Day School's middle school play, it lit a spark for theater that has taken her from Greensboro to New York and back to North Carolina as the theater teacher at Durham Academy Middle School.
Posted Thursday, Dec 6, 2018 10:59:00 AM
Jake Kavanagh's design résumé may read like a who's who in the worlds of athletics, arts and entertainment, but the thrill of those bright lights couldn't hold a candle to his calling to teach, and that's what brought Kavanagh to Durham Academy in 2016.
Posted Thursday, Nov 29, 2018 2:16:00 PM
Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. If that popular adage holds true, then Steve Engebretsen's 38 years at Durham Academy — a span marked by countless long hours and days, and shepherding the athletic careers of thousands of DA students and hundreds of coaches — truly represents a decades-long labor of love. Dedicating your life's work to athletics at an independent school also means handling your fair share of a little blood, a lot of sweat and (sometimes) tears. And while he'd never admit being DA's athletic director wasn't hard work, Steve will tell you that his job was easier as long as he kept one thing in mind.
Posted Wednesday, Oct 31, 2018 2:30:00 PM
Jeff Peirce took his young daughters to his environmental engineering lab at Duke University's Pratt School of Engineering long before there was a "Take Your Daughter to Work Day." He would take Leyf Peirce Starling and her sister into his lab on the weekend to help him.
Posted Wednesday, Oct 3, 2018 2:00:00 PM
Tyrone Gould teaches Middle School math and coaches varsity baseball at Durham Academy. Whether in the classroom or on the athletic fields, he tells students that his role as a teacher and coach is "to be there to help you and support you and catch you when you fall."
Posted Thursday, Aug 30, 2018 3:11:00 PM
The new school year brought ­­two dozen new faculty and staff members to the Durham Academy community. In addition to information about their educational background and professional experience, News & Notes asked each of them to share a fun fact or two to help the DA community know a bit more about them.
Posted Thursday, May 10, 2018 5:14:00 PM
Durham Academy Lower School houses more than 37,000 books, according to an educated estimate by second-grade teacher Caroline Petrow's students. And when DA Lower Schoolers go home each day, the majority have access to hundreds of books there, too.
Posted Thursday, Apr 26, 2018 3:36:37 PM
Pre-kindergarten teaching assistant Bobbie Dahlgren will retire from Durham Academy in June after 26 years of service, and the Preschool invites all to help celebrate her on May 8. The fun is set for 2:45 to 3:45 p.m. on the covered play space under the Preschool/Lower School library. Popsicles and cupcakes will be provided.
Posted Thursday, Apr 26, 2018 3:17:00 PM
Sloan Nuernberger loved playing football and basketball with her two older brothers when she was growing up, but it wasn't until she was the mother of three young boys that she discovered running.
Posted Thursday, Apr 12, 2018 3:03:00 PM
Enthusiasm practically bubbles out the door of Ashley Hinton's second grade classroom, which is understandable because she comes from a family of teachers — her great-grandfather, both of her grandmothers, her mother and her aunts have all been teachers. But Hinton set off on a different path when she headed to college, in part because there were so many teachers in her family.
Posted Thursday, Mar 22, 2018 4:18:00 PM
Durham Academy's mission is to "provide each student with an education that will enable him or her to live a moral, happy and productive life." Defining just what that means is The Durham Academy Graduate: A Mission-Driven Life, DA's schoolwide definition of good character in the form of 15 character traits.
Posted Thursday, Mar 1, 2018 5:04:29 PM
Karl Schaefer views his life as "a long, circular path," from childhood on a farm in Wisconsin to home now on a 10-acre farm in Efland. Along the way he has been a railroad worker in the Midwest, dipped ice cream in Massachusetts and sold Toyotas in Kansas before finding his way to North Carolina as a teacher.
Posted Thursday, Feb 15, 2018 11:59:00 AM
Jazmin Garcia Smith was the first in her family to be born in the United States and the first to graduate from high school, and there was no doubt "college was something that was expected of me." She went to the University of Notre Dame, a school that "was the absolute right fit for me socially and academically," and since 2015 she has helped students navigate the college admissions process as Durham Academy's co-director of college counseling. And partly because of the college counseling program, DA students experience something vastly different than what Garcia Smith went through in applying to college.
Posted Thursday, Feb 1, 2018 4:33:00 PM
You wouldn't think the words "professional development" would have educators literally jumping up and down with excitement about sacrificing part of their weekend. But Edcamp inspires that kind of reaction.
Posted Thursday, Feb 1, 2018 4:07:00 PM
When Kristin Stroupe picks up her iPhone, two faces smile back at her: Stroupe's own beaming face and the equally beaming face of her high school coach and mentor, Leigh Cooper Wallace. She helped change the course of Stroupe's life and inspired her to impact the lives of others.
Posted Thursday, Jan 25, 2018 6:30:00 PM
The Durham Academy community is thrilled to welcome Kristen Klein, who will serve as assistant head of school beginning July 1.
Posted Tuesday, Jan 23, 2018 5:00:00 PM
Culminating 13 months of research with the NASA/IPAC Teacher Archive Research Program (NITARP), Upper School science teacher Howard Lineberger helped present the results of his team's work at the winter meeting of the American Astronomical Society in January in Washington, D.C. NITARP partners small groups of largely high school educators with mentor professional astronomers for original research projects.
Posted Monday, Jan 22, 2018 7:28:00 PM
Kristen Klein will serve as Durham Academy's next assistant head of school, Head of School Michael Ulku-Steiner announced on Monday. Klein, who now serves as Upper School director at Pittsburgh's Winchester Thurston School, will begin her tenure at DA July 1, 2018.
Posted Thursday, Jan 4, 2018 10:11:00 AM
Elizabeth Lyle teaches art and cooking at Durham Academy Preschool. She works to foster an environment in which her "capable little humans" can safely make mistakes and push through those challenges to find success.
Posted Thursday, Dec 7, 2017 5:48:00 PM
Cindy Moore never doubted that she wanted to work with kids. "I was always a babysitter. I was always the person that the adults in my life left in charge of kids. I always have loved kids, even when I was a kid. I knew that I wanted to do something related to kids. I think I actually knew that it was either a psychologist or a pediatrician, and I was afraid of medical school."
Posted Thursday, Nov 16, 2017 4:00:00 PM
Harry Thomas always arrives a little early for Durham Academy commencement at UNC's Memorial Hall. It's not because he wants a seat down front. He's assured of that as a member of the Upper School faculty. He arrives early so he can visit a bench behind a building across the street from Memorial Hall, a bench where he sat in utter despair five years ago.
Posted Thursday, Nov 9, 2017 3:16:00 PM
A curious sight greeted Durham Academy Lower Schoolers at the beginning of this school year: a white "room" that materialized under their staircase while they'd been away for summer break. It didn't take long for this mysterious room to begin to take on a new appearance — a very colorful and creative one.
Posted Thursday, Nov 2, 2017 3:46:00 PM
Sarah Goldstein has an adventurous spirit: She likes to "try things that scare me a little bit." Sarah Goldstein has an adventurous spirit: She likes to "try things that scare me a little bit."
Posted Wednesday, Oct 18, 2017 4:20:00 PM
Maintenance foreman Randy Baker has been working at Durham Academy for 37 years and is the father of a DA graduate, but were it not for a head poking around the corner of the business office, Baker wouldn't be here at all.
Posted Thursday, Oct 5, 2017 4:04:00 PM
Jean Coene was just 3½ years old when she began attending a small preschool within walking distance of her home in suburban Manila. It was run by Jesuit nuns, and her teacher set Coene on a path that would be her life's work.
Posted Thursday, Sep 14, 2017 11:17:00 AM
Karen Richardson doesn't remember a time when she wasn't singing. One of her earliest musical memories is sitting at the dining room table with headphones on — a 4-year-old listening to her mom and dad's records of Barbra Streisand, Linda Ronstadt and Ella Fitzgerald — "just singing to my heart's content" to music that only she could hear.
Posted Thursday, Aug 31, 2017 2:13:00 PM
Over time, school mission statements can calcify; words that still reflect important school principles and values can feel a bit disconnected from the lived experience of those in the community. This year, we deconstructed our mission statement, re-identified its component parts and created new art with it — and in the process, defined what a "moral, happy, productive" life looks like, during a student's time at DA ... and beyond.
Posted Wednesday, Aug 30, 2017 5:43:00 PM
Jordan Babwah knew he wanted to be a physical therapist since sixth grade. He even charted an 11-year plan for his path to physical therapy school. But that all changed two weeks into his job supervising the Durham Academy's new Upper School weight room.
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