Alumni Board 2017-2018

Get to know the members of Durham Academy's 2017-2018 Alumni Board below. If you are interested in learning more about the board, email Alumni Director Tim McKenna at

Garrett Putman '94, President

College: Wake Forest University, B.S.; Duke University, M.B.A.

Career: Principal marketing consultant at SAS

What DA means to me: For me, Durham Academy represents the place — and the people — who developed, nurtured, and cared for me during my most formative years. To this day, I remain humbled and grateful for all that I learned at DA and consider the personal relationships that I have built through the school community to be among my most cherished. As the parent of two current DA students, I’m particularly proud of how DA has transformed over the years with a genuine commitment to its mission of enabling students to live moral, happy, and productive lives. It’s an honor to represent alumni from across the globe on the DA Alumni Board and I hope we will continue to support the school in striving for excellence in all things.

Betsy Hage '90, Vice President

College: Wake Forest University, B.S.

Career: Physical therapist

My memories of DA: I have many fond memories of Durham Academy. I am truly grateful for each teacher and friend I found when I arrived as a newcomer from Michigan in the seventh grade. Participating in Durham Academy athletics may have had the largest impact on me. Playing tennis, soccer and basketball created a competitive but nurturing environment that helped me be a better person on and off the playing field. Self confidence, discipline and the importance of teamwork all were instilled by great peers and coaches.   

Chris Cole '86

College: Stanford University, B.A.

Career: Physician assistant in orthopedics at Duke Sports Medicine

My memories of DA: I have so many memories of Durham Academy — the brilliant teachers and creative classmates, the best friends that remain with me to this day, the outstanding athletics, the safe and comfortable environment. I was proud to be a part of Durham Academy back then, and am now excited to share the experience with my family.

Jonathan Evans '94

College: N.C. State University, B.S.

Career: Senior applications engineer at Rockwell Automation

My memories of DA: Spending 13 years at DA provided the framework for my childhood, not just my education. What stands out to me about the experience: the early inoculation of a love of learning from the exposure to a breadth of curriculum presented by motivated faculty; learning in a cooperative, not competitive atmosphere; the camaraderie of sports; and the catalyst for many life-long friendships and connections within the Durham community. We are especially excited about being able to share this with our son, now a DA kindergartner!

Billy Fischer II '94

College: Bates College, B.S.; UNC-Chapel Hill, M.D.

Career: Pulmonary and critical care physician/scientist at UNC-Chapel Hill

What DA means to me: Through innumerable interactions with faculty and fellow students, Durham Academy constantly challenged me to figure out how to contribute to the world around me. In particular, through the study of Newtonian physics, Mr. Parry made me realize that high school could be a transformative experience in which I could translate classroom learning into meaningful outcomes in the world. My motivation to improve access to health care in resource-constrained environments is a direct result.

Molly Kane Frommer '01

College: Duke University, B.A.; UNC-Chapel Hill, M.Ed.

Career: Former middle school counselor; now stay-at-home mom

What DA means to me: In a word: community. Whether on the athletic fields, hiking on Senior Challenge, or in the classroom, I was always part of a team at Durham Academy. At DA, I was routinely challenged, while being supported by teachers, classmates, teammates, and advisors to do my best.  DA created a community where I was encouraged to take risks and reflect on my mistakes. The school’s nurturing environment helped me to push my boundaries, allowing me to discover new interests and untapped strengths. I am eternally thankful for my time at DA and for the many relationships that have outlasted my years on campus!

Virginia Hall '91

College: College of William & Mary, B.A.; Vanderbilt University, M.A.T.

Career: Fifth grade history teacher at Durham Academy

What DA means to me: Enrolling at DA as a sixth-grader proved to be a life-shaping event: a fantastic education, lifelong friendships and now a relationship with the school, which has lasted well into 30 years in very personal, meaningful ways. As a teacher and a parent at the school, DA is truly home. I am constantly inspired by my colleagues, touched by the warmth and wisdom of my daughters’ teachers, and energized by the devotion of our alumni, fellow parents and staff.

Jenny Glasson Hubert '75

College: UNC-Chapel Hill and East Carolina University, B.S.

Career: Owner of German Grille (retired occupational therapist)

What DA means to me: I graduated in the first graduating class of DA’s Upper School in 1975 with a group of 27. DA taught me so many important lessons for my career, including critical reasoning, ability to ask questions, importance of observation and accurate documentation for scientific endeavors and ability to independently plan and execute long term projects. I believe I can teach myself almost anything using available resources and thus, so far, I am a self-taught watercolor artist and seamstress.  

Nick Livengood ’08

College: Elon University, B.A.; Elon University, J.D.

Career: Attorney and commercial broker with Real Estate Associates, Inc.

What DA means to me: As a “lifer," DA became the first example to me of what it means to be part of a community. The teachers take a personal approach to making sure students comprehend, honesty and integrity are engrained from day one, and classmates push each other to be the best they can be. The DA experience carries beyond the classroom, giving students the education and confidence they need to succeed in college and through life. I value my time at DA as a student and athlete because of the great memories and lifelong relationships it created. It is a privilege to be able to give back by serving on the Alumni Board.

Corey Mansfield '02

College: University of Arizona, B.A.

Career: ERISA operations at Gordon Asset Management, LLC

What DA means to me: As a "lifer," we don't realize what an inspiring place DA is until after we leave — from the teachers and coaches who challenge each student to become better global citizens and independent thinkers, to the lifelong friendships we make along the way. The DA community is truly one of a kind, and I feel lucky to be part of it.

Ben Mark ’03

College: UNC-Chapel Hill, B.A.; Purdue University, M.B.A.

Career: Business process manager at SportsMEDIA Technology

What DA means to me: Durham Academy engenders a most unique environment — one that perpetually pushes students to work harder, think more analytically, and tackle the impossible, yet one that simultaneously provides deep nurturing and support to lead students to success. I always look back to Durham Academy as the place responsible for instilling this balance of core principles and for laying the foundation of my character.  And I wouldn't trade that for the world.

Sarah Motsinger '00

College: Elon University, B.A.

Career: Assistant director of development at Durham Academy

What DA means to me: To me, Durham Academy is all about family. I’ve been a member of the DA community for the past 28 years and have loved experiencing the school as a student, alumna and staff member. Now that my daughter is a student here, I get to see DA through her eyes, and I know how lucky she is to be a part of a community filled with compassionate and talented teachers that have so much heart for their students.

Kyle Mumma '09

College: Duke University, B.A.; Duke University, M.B.A. (Class of 2018)

Career: Duke University MBA candidate; human capital senior consultant with Deloitte

What DA means to me: While I have plenty of incredible memories of friends, school trips, and alumni events since graduating, DA means much more than just those memories. Had I gone to another school without an incredible faculty like DA, a somewhat lazy and unmotivated kid like me would have been at risk of being left behind or lost in the shuffle. Thanks to DA, I not only kept up, but was admitted to Duke and was able to begin tapping into my potential as I matured.

Anna Hall Quarles '98

College: Bucknell University, B.A.; Pittsburgh University, M.P.H. & M.S.W.

Career: Staying at home with 5-year-old twins and maintaining Licensed Clinical Social Worker certification

My memories of DA: I have a few great memories of DA. One is the annual class trips to start each school year.  They were so much fun, allowed me to try new things and were a welcome reconnection after the summer. Second would be the balance of freedom and accountability from my teachers and the school in general. It prepared me for college, grad school and life, but it was also just exciting to be independent. Last but not least would be that I married one of my best friends from high school, and it is such a good time to look back on our memories together!

Kelly Simone Smoke '00

College: N.C. State University, B.A.

Career: Pharmaceutical sales representative

What DA means to me: Durham Academy’s focus on diversity has had the most lasting impact on me because it allowed me to go to school with the most amazing and unique individuals that I have had the pleasure of knowing.

Chandler Spaulding '87

College: UNC-Chapel Hill, B.A.; UCLA, J.D.

Career: Communications and fundraising professional

What DA means to me: DA had a great impact on my life, from teaching me how to be a part of a team when playing soccer and field hockey; how to be a great writer from incredible English teachers; how to be a friend from the incredible friendships I made along the way; and how to be a lifelong learner by the intellectual curiosity that was sparked in my youth. I'm grateful my daughter will also gain this experience.

Caroline Paul Stutts '04

College: UNC-Wilmington, B.A.; N.C. Central University School of Law, J.D.

Career: Attorney (practicing in the area of insurance defense litigation)

What DA means to me: As a "lifer," I never fully appreciated all that DA had to offer until I had moved on. DA is a unique place where every teacher takes a personal interest in each student, and in doing so they create an atmosphere in which they can expect and demand greatness from their pupils. Hard work, excellence, diligence and high moral fiber is not merely a suggestion at DA; it is a way of life. I look back on my experience as a DA student with pride, and I am humbled at the lengths to which many of my teachers took in teaching, encouraging and preparing me. I was shaped into a person of whom I can be proud because of my experience at DA, and it is truly an honor to serve on the alumni board.

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