Math Courses

Math 5

Fifth-grade math is divided into two main areas of focus. The first area emphasizes organization and study skills. The second area emphasizes development of the student's appreciation for mathematics while increasing the student's mathematical knowledge and skill set. 

Math 6

Math 6 is an applied math course. The first semester focuses on the mastery of whole numbers, decimals and fractions. During the second semester, those concepts are expanded upon and applied to data presentations, geometry, ratios, proportions and probability. Throughout the year, word problems, presentations (oral and written) and projects are emphasized.  


This course in pre-algebra will serve as a bridge between arithmetic and the study of algebra.  We will review the basic arithmetic operations and introduce the concepts and language of algebra. First-semester topics include positive and negative integers, order of operations, evaluating algebraic expressions, formulas, equation-solving, inequalities, number theory, fractions, decimals, geometric figures, ratios and proportions. Problem-solving will be practiced in each chapter. Second semester will start with percents and their applications, then on to probability, coordinate geometry, square roots, right triangle applications, and finish with two units on geometry and data analysis.

Algebra I

As the foundation for high school math courses, Algebra 1 serves as the bridge from the concrete to the abstract study of mathematics. Topics include simplifying rational and radical expressions, evaluating and solving equations and inequalities, and graphing two-variable equations.


Geometry means “earth measure”.  This course provides an introduction to Euclidian geometry by examining geometric figures in two and three dimensions.  Algebraic methods are reviewed and used in geometric applications.  First semester topics include points, lines, planes, deductive reasoning, parallel lines and planes, triangles, congruence, polygons, quadrilaterals, inequalities and basic constructions.  We will also introduce the proof process to include two-column and indirect proofs.  In the second semester we will consider applications of similarity, Pythagorean theorem, right triangle trigonometry, circles, area, coordinate geometry, surface area and volume of solids, and transformations.   

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