Middle School Clubs

In the Middle School, clubs meet once each seven-day cycle, during a designated club period. The extracurricular offerings vary from semester to semester, depending on student interest, as well as faculty talents and expertise. Clubs allow students to try new things and to get to know the faculty on a different level. See below for a sampling of clubs offered in recent years.

Basketball/Square Dancing

Play basketball and learn some square dances.

Card Games Club

Members learn a handful of different card games, spanning from Hearts, to Spades, to Texas Hold 'Em. 

Chess, Board Games and Puzzles

This is the perfect club for students who enjoy playing chess, playing board games or exploring new puzzles. Whether students are beginners or pros at puzzles and/or chess, all are welcome! All of the above are a great way to have some fun and keep your mind sharp!

Club Namaste

This is a time for deep breathing, relaxing and letting the stress of middle school life slip away. Basic yoga techniques help students focus, prioritize and smile. 

Crochet Club

What do Laura Ingalls Wilder, Bette Davis, Rosie Greer, George Washington Carver and President James Buchanan have in common? Not to mention Eva Longoria, Raven-Symone, Vanna White, and Aretha Franklin …They are all crocheters! Crochet is similar to knitting, but one hook is used instead of two needles. Crochet Club members will have the opportunity to learn the history of crochet, learn several stitches so that you may make such items as a dishcloth, potholder, scarf, purse or pillow cushion. Crochet club is open to students in all grade levels. 

DASN: DA Sports Network

DASN provides score results, highlights and interviews of middle school sports action. In addition, to reporting on MS sporting events, club members have the opportunity to create Cav Center commercials and increase the visibility of athletics on campus. 

Doodle Club

This is the club for those who love to draw. With paper and drawing materials provided, all that's required are ideas!

D.A. Diplomats

This is the club for students who are interested in exploring and learning more about the world, and possibly even helping to solve some of its problems. Members research, debate and communicate about current events and international issues, culminating with the spring Model United Nations regional conference. During club time, members plan to explore online resources, play games, start a blog, and maybe even find a good cause or two to support or a far-away classroom with which to connect.

Explain Everything

Explain Everything is a new-to-DA app whose name says it all. Using it, you can explain anything through presentations that you design and create. Mr. Wilson could create a presentation on how to cast a fishing pole, Ms. Johnson on crocheting, Mrs. Engebretsen on the perfect crepe and Mr. Fitzpatrick on the math behind the swing of a golf club. 

Digital Photography Club

Club members learn how to take photographs, as opposed to snapshots — and how to use the various settings on a Nikon CoolPix camera so that their photographs dazzle your friends. We the rules of artistic composition by studying the photographs of some of the masters of this art form such as Edward Steichen, Henry Cartier-Bresson, Paul Strand, Minor White, Edward Weston and others.

Follow Your Nose

In the Follow Your Nose club, your nose will lead you to many tasty dishes from Mediterranean and Scandinavian countries!  We learn how to cook a variety of dishes and learn about the various countries from where those dishes originate. 

Four Square Club

Looking to play a little more four square? Come join us as we play four square for about 30 minutes and after we will talk as a group while eating snacks that members will bring.

Frisbee Golf Club

Club members play the ancient, honorable game of frisbee golf — similar to golf, but better and with frisbees. 

Get Your Code On!

This club offers students the opportunity to learn computer programming at their own pace, learn the basics of coding and then create projects of their own to share with friends, family, and people around the world. We explore coding using Tynker, Hopscotch (on your iPad), Blockly, Code Academy and more.

Golf Club

Learn or hone golf skills by going to the driving range and hitting golf balls.

GRO Club

The plan has been two years in the making and it is finally time to plant the second DA Middle School Student Garden! Club members transform the area outside the Middle School office into a haven for birds, butterflies and .... students and faculty! Students plan work days, put in walkways, create beds and plant plants. 

Movies en EspaƱol Club

If you'd like to see what Nemo or Kung Fu Panda sound like in Spanish, join Señora Green in the movie club. We will eat snacks and watch the Spanish version of movies that you choose. ¡Nos vemos!

Musical Theatre

MUSICAL THEATRE: a uniquely American art form. Studnets explore the history of the American musical with special emphasis on the work of Rodgers and Hammerstein and the Golden Age of the musical. During club periods, students watch the films The King and I, Oklahoma, and The Sound of Music, among others. Members try their best to recreate the styles of singing and acting from that time period as we sing and act scenes from each of these musicals. 

Poster Club

Club members create signs and posters to promote upcoming events and general happiness. During club periods, students find ways to decorate the school with reminders as well as notes of kindness and inspiration!

Potato Chip Science Club

The Potato Chip Science Club explores science and engineering using potato chips and other munchies. 

Pop Culture Media Club

Have you ever heard someone say, “No soup for you!” or refer to the "soup nazi"? How about, “We were on a break," “Not that there’s anything wrong with that” or “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia?” These statements have become pervasive in our culture; in this club, students get a lesson in pop culture by watching some famous TV shows or movies from the past few decades — from Seinfeld, to Friends, to the Brady Bunch, to I Love Lucy

Quidditch Club

Whether they're are a beater, seeker, chaser, or keeper, come learn the rules and have fun playing quidditch. You can channel your inner Harry Potter, Cho Chang, Viktor Krum, Angelina Johnson, Oliver Wood, or any Weasley. Ms. Long will channel her inner Minerva McGonagall. If it rains we will watch highlights of great quidditch matches in history. 

RCC (Remote Control Club)

All you need to join this club is a remote control car that works and the desire to drive it! You supply the vehicle, controller, and batteries and the club members can set up courses and tracks to test your on or off road RCC driving, or flying, skills!

Scrapbooking Club

Do you enjoy scrapbooking?  Do you have photo albums on which you are working? This is a club where you can bring in your supplies, and we’ll spend the time being creative. We will provide lots of materials, and you’ll have the opportunity to learn tips and techniques from your friends.

Student Service Organization

The Student Service Organization is in charge of the Trick or Treat for UNICEF and the Thanksgiving food drive.

Team Handball Club

Come enjoy everyone's favorite PE game during Team Handball Club. We will make teams and get some exercise and while having a ton of fun! 

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is a fun, fast-paced, non-contact sport. By passing the Frisbee to teammates, players move the disc down the field into an end zone to score. There are no referees because everyone on the field is expected to make their own calls in a fair and non-argumentative way. We focus on good sportsmanship and the “spirit of the game.” 


Participants learn the basics of finish woodworking and refinishing. No large power tools are involved, but students use some small tools to decorate and refinish several wood projects such as picture frames, mirrors and wall hangings. 


An independent, coeducational day school, pre-kindergarten through grade 12.
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