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Science Olympiad Teams Place Within Top 10 at Regional Tournament
Posted 02/04/2019 10:17AM

Durham Academy’s three Science Olympiad teams left the regional tournament, held Feb. 2 in Raleigh, with three impressive showings: The Upper School varsity team brought home a fourth-place trophy, and the varsity and junior varsity teams collectively medaled in 18 of the 23 events and qualified for the state tournament. In addition, the Middle School team placed ninth and won medals in nine events.



Upper School Varsity

The Upper School varsity team placed fourth overall, from a pool of 20 teams, and has qualified to compete with a team of up to 18 students in the state N.C. Science Olympiad Tournament on April 27.

Members of the varsity team, along with their awards, follow:

  • Julian Adler: Ping Pong Parachute, 4th
  • Spencer Adler: Dynamic Planet, 1st; Disease Detectives, 2nd; Protein Modeling, 3rd
  • Joanna Brooke: Mission Possible, 1st; Forensics, 2nd
  • Fred Chang: Wright Stuff, 1st; Disease Detectives, 2nd
  • Katie Cunneen: Forensics, 2nd; Fermi Questions, 5th; Water Quality, 5th
  • Leo Dombrovski: Mission Possible, 1st; Experimental Design, 3rd; Codebusters, 7th
  • Morgan Doyle: Write It, Do It, 5th; Chem Lab, 6th
  • Luke Hanson: Wright Stuff, 1st; Mousetrap Vehicle, 7th; Codebusters, 7th
  • Michiko Haynie: Thermodynamics, 1st; Protein Modeling, 3rd; Circuit Lab, 8th
  • Mac Hays: Astronomy, 1st; Thermodynamics, 1st; Protein Modeling, 3rd
  • Macon Hubert: Dynamic Planet, 1st; Herpetology, 5th; Geologic Mapping, 7th
  • Jack Linger: Geologic Mapping, 7th; Mousetrap Vehicle, 7th
  • Jack Petrucci: Ping Pong Parachute, 4th; Water Quality, 5th
  • Nathan Salley: Experimental Design, 3rd; Fermi Questions, 5th; Chem Lab, 6th; Codebusters, 7th
  • Mekai Scott: Experimental Design, 3rd; Sounds of Music, 8th; Circuit Lab, 8th
  • Nik Walling: Astronomy, 1st; Sounds of Music, 8th
  • Joseph Walston: Write it Do it, 5th; Herpetology, 5th

Upper School Junior Varsity

The Upper School JV team competed in a field of nine teams, taking home the following awards:

  • Aadesh Anchaliya: Mousetrap Vehicle, 1st; Astronomy, 5th
  • Sophia Benjamin: Mission Possible, 1st; Experimental Design, 3rd; Codebusters, 4th
  • Mukta Dharmapurikar: Fermi Questions, 3rd; Codebusters, 4th; Protein Modeling, 5th
  • Linus Dannull: Mission Possible, 1st; Designer Genes, 3rd; Forensics, 5th; Protein Modeling, 5th
  • Stacey Kang: Forensics, 5th; Protein Modeling, 5th
  • Giovana Nicolozzi: Chem Lab, 1st; Thermodynamics, 1st; Disease Detectives, 4th
  • Will Scurria: Mousetrap Vehicle, 1st; Fermi Questions, 3rd; Experimental Design, 3rd; Codebusters, 4th
  • Kay Youngstrom: Chem Lab, 1st; Thermodynamics, 1st; Disease Detectives, 4th

Middle School

The Middle School team, known as SODA (Science Olympiad DA) placed ninth in the field of 40 competitors.

Medal winners are as follow:

  • Crime Busters, 1st place: Claire Hong and Elizabeth Wong
  • Dynamic Planet, 2nd place: Aneesh Patkar and Zaina Taha
  • Ping Pong Parachute, 3rd place: Mayah Ding and Elizabeth Wong
  • Heredity, 3rd place: Claire Hong and Ani Sukhija
  • Road Scholar, 5th place: Chaz Strickland
  • Water Quality, 7th place: Chaz Strickland
  • Thermodynamics, 7th place: Ben Browner and  Sassan Fahim
  • Solar System, 7th place: Aayaz Husain and Triya Venkataraja
  • Anatomy and Physiology, 8th place: Rinal Dahhan and Aneesh Patkar

 The full Middle School team is listed below:

  • Ben Browner (ninth grade)
  • Emma Cummings
  • Rinal Dahhan
  • Maya Ding
  • Sassan Fahin
  • Aayaz Husain
  • Claire Hong
  • Krish Mehta
  • Beckett Moylan
  • Aneesh Patkar
  • Ani Sukhija
  • Matthew Sun
  • Zaina Taha
  • Vika Wei (unable to attend tournament)
  • Elizabeth Wong
  • Chaz Strickland (ninth grade)
  • Triya Venkataraja
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