Durham academy Campus Plan

Middle School master plan

In 2015, after considering several ways of uniting all Durham Academy divisions into one campus, trustees, administrators and faculty decided that the best solution for the Middle School was to recommit to the first home DA ever constructed. The Board of Trustees approved the Middle School Master Plan, which represents phases three through six of the DA Campus Plan, in October 2017.

The Middle School Master Plan is the result of numerous workshops involving Cannon Architects, faculty, parents, students and trustees, which focused on how to capitalize on what is beloved about the Middle School campus — its sprawling size, beautiful outdoor learning environments, its ability to serve as an oasis for tweens and teens at a key point in their social and academic development — in order to create a state-of-the-art Middle School campus by design and not by default.

The master plan will be used to prioritize each year-long segment of a five-year construction plan by urgency, complexity and cost. 



An independent, coeducational day school,  pre-kindergarten through grade 12.
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