Issue 1

Upper Schoolers in grades 9 through 11 no longer end the school year with exams. Instead, they embark on Cavalier Capstones, adventures that range from cooking with immigrants to mountain biking in Appalachia.


Nina Varela ’13

From the time Nina Varela ’13 learned to read and write, she knew she wanted to be a writer. She is grateful to the Durham Academy teachers who “who encouraged me and took my writing seriously — even when I didn’t.” Her debut novel, Crier’s War, was released in the fall, and now she’s finishing up edits for the sequel and outlining her third book. 

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Yates Sikes '08

Durham Academy challenged Yates Sikes ’08 to think of different ways to problem solve. Now, as a mechanical engineer, he’s using that skill to innovate and modernize rail cars that impact riders in major cities across the U.S.

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Big Ideas for Little People

It’s an exciting time in the Preschool! On the heels of extending the kindergarten school day, the faculty has been working tirelessly to engage our youngest learners in thoughtful conversations and meaningful activities about belonging to and participating in both a local and a global community.

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