Seniors Reflect on Time at DA

With their time at Durham Academy coming to a close, we asked members of the Class of 2022 to reflect on their time at DA. A common theme of many of their responses? The importance of community. We’re so grateful for all of the ways that these young people have worked to make Durham Academy a more moral, happy and productive community — and we can’t wait to see them be a force for good out in the world.

“One of my all-time favorite classes has been District C! I got to work in small groups to solve real business problems for real businesses. We interviewed and met business leaders, collaborated to brainstorm solutions and then presented those ideas back to the businesses. Many of the companies actually applied and incorporated our ideas back into their websites and platforms, which was awesome to see. District C made me very passionate about creativity, problem solving and helping/working with others!”

Emily Gao

“One of the best and most fulfilling experiences at Durham Academy has been getting the chance to be an Augustine Literacy Tutor during senior year. As a part of the Teaching Literacy Skills class, senior tutors are paired with an elementary school student at Hope Valley Elementary School. Getting the chance to interact and help out young students outside DA really allowed me to become more than just a student at DA, and it gave me a bigger reason and purpose to come to school every day. I enjoyed every moment of getting to know my tutee and learning new words and sounds with her. Augustine Literacy has been one of the best classes at DA, and I encourage all underclassmen to take the class when they, too, become seniors.”

Aamer Husain

“Debate has given me a space to develop critical skills like research, argumentation, speaking, quick thinking, idea synthesis, etc., that have been invaluable in all aspects of my life. It has also pushed me to learn about a vast array of current events and ideologies setting me up to excel in school and summer courses of all kinds. Perhaps most importantly, however, debate has taught me that there are always more than one, more than two, sides to any topic. I am the most proud of the respect, appreciation and empathy I now have for all perspectives to which I credit debate with.”

Anastasia Crowley

“Sure, DA has incredible academics, support systems, sports teams and clubs, but what sets DA apart for me is its active community. It is rare to find a place where after school on Friday students choose to stay on campus, instead of going home, to talk with friends and teachers, blast music, and play Spikeball. I hope in my future endeavors I will find a community that is as collaborative, respectful and happy as DA is, though I know such communities are hard to come by.”

Gavin Levinson

“My time at Durham Academy has really helped me value the importance of community. I believe that one of the best parts of DA is the strong sense of community that you can gain with both peers and teachers. My time at DA has shown me that wherever I go in the future, I would like to have the same community that values me and that I also value. My time at DA has also helped me appreciate trying new things and daring to do what you love. Being around people who love to learn and enjoy new experiences has impacted me in such a positive way. These ideas are what prompted me to create African dance workshops, audition for the musical and try out for track my senior year. DA values doing things that you love and trying new things, and I am excited to continue this in the future.”

Zoe Sinclair

“I'm eternally grateful for the unique opportunities and wonderful experiences that Durham Academy has given me. I thoroughly believe that my time at Durham Academy has prepared me for college and beyond. Although I'm sad that my time at DA has come to an end, I know that the people I've met and the knowledge I've gained will stay with me for a lifetime. Thank you, Durham Academy!”

Kaitlyn Kushner

“I've been at Durham Academy since I was 4 years old, so I've seen around 10 total In The Pocket concerts during my years at DA. Even before I learned an instrument, I wanted to be onstage, performing for a crowd like the one I was in. I ended up having a love for music, which developed through my middle school years, and as I got closer and closer to high school, the more I started thinking about being in ITP. After a year of taking Music Ensemble during my freshman year, I auditioned as a bass player and got in before my sophomore year. I started as one of the two sophomores in the group, and although I had to miss out my junior year, I've been so grateful for my time in ITP during both my sophomore and senior years.”

Tyler Powers

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