Double Exposure and Vector Portraits

Double Exposure

As an introduction to creating Photoshop composite images, students in Upper School visual arts teacher Elisabeth Effron’s Digital Art & Design classes were grouped into pairs and created digital portraits of their partners to use as the foundation of the project. Each told a story based on what they learned about their partner through a short interview process, then used Creative Commons-sourced imagery to layer that into their portrait. The project helped students solidify knowledge of selection and masking tools, explore blend modes, learn how to work with multiple layers and practice basic visual storytelling skills through use of composition techniques.


Ally Fox, by Frankie Stover ’24


Frankie Stover, by Ally Fox ’22


PJ Gillispie, by Noah Fine ’25


Sam Shi, by Rory Moylan ’22


Vector Portraits

This project is a study in recognizing tonal value and range as a way to create three dimensions within a two dimensional space. Digital Art & Design students were asked to choose a portrait they could recreate in the digital world. As Effron explained, students utilized specific skills in Adobe Illustrator such as drawing with the pen tool, shape building, using the color picker and creating color swatches. 


Selfie by Anabel Gutierrez ’23 


Self-Portrait, by Miles Moore ’25


Harry Styles, by Whitney Wiles ’25