2015 Strategic Plan Revisited

In 2015, Durham Academy produced a strategic plan at a time that marked one of the strongest and healthiest points in the school’s history. Due to that strength, DA was able to reach higher, unite more meaningfully and serve students more effectively than ever before. The 2015 Strategic Plan, more than any other in DA’s history, grew from shared values rather than pressing financial or physical plant needs — it focused on the DNA of DA through moral, happy and productive lives.

We Committed to Strive for:

1— A faculty full of life-changers.

2— A cohesive, connected and collaborative student learning experience.

3— A broader experience of diversity and a renewed commitment to accessibility.

We Committed to Connect Through:

4— A unified and welcoming community.

5— A school connected to Durham, the Triangle and the world.

And We Committed to Support Through:

6— An enrollment and capital structure that supports our ambitions.