Preschool 2020

In DA Hybrid, the goal is to safely provide on-campus instruction for all Preschool students. DA’s priorities while its youngest students are on campus are:

  • Build student-teacher connections and create successful learning communities
  • Teach on-campus safety protocols 
  • Help students develop agency and independence so they can work successfully from home when necessary

Preschool Back to School 2020–2021

*DA’s ability to offer hybrid educational experiences hinges on the willingness of the DA community to come together in support of our collective health and safety. Families are required to electronically sign the DA Community Health Compact and COVID-19 Addendum to the All-School Handbook, which outline DA’s health and safety protocols designed to protect the DA community.

Important Contacts

Office of Information Technology 

Gem Gates
Nurse Consultant

Hunter Babwah
COVID-19 Hotline Nurse


This schedule will be valid even when there is a school holiday that falls during an on-campus instruction day. In those cases, Fridays will remain a remote/asynchronous learning day.  

Preschool FAQs


Stay-at-Home Students

DA recognizes that there may be students and families who may choose to or need to access remote instruction for a portion of or for the entire academic year. Students will be learning at home — some for longer periods by the choice of their families, some for shorter periods due to precautious quarantining. DA cannot promise a matching experience for stay-at-home learners. Every DA faculty member attended workshops over the summer to hone their abilities to teach remotely and to keep at-home learners connected and moving forward.

Grade-level teachers will plan core lessons (literacy, math, social studies) and post them online for students who are working from home. Each Preschool student has a school-issued iPad to use. If students are learning remotely, most work will be asynchronous with the exception of daily Morning Meetings. All at-home learners will be invited to join Preschool Morning Meetings via Microsoft Teams. In DA Hybrid, Preschool teachers/assistants will check in with remote learners weekly and offer support and feedback related to the posted lessons. 

Enrichment classes (art, music, science, P.E., Spanish, cooking) and assemblies will be offered virtually via pre-recorded videos. These videos will be available to at-home learners using Seesaw.

Arrival Times and Locations

Front entrance

7:50–8:10 a.m. Grades 1 & 3
8:10–8:30 a.m. Pre-k & K

  • Morning care will not be available.
  • Families with children in multiple grades can drop off at either time.
  • Health screenings will be conducted for all students upon arrival. Students will not be allowed into facilities until health screening is completed. 

Dismissal Times and Locations

Front Entrance

1 p.m. Pre-k
2:15 p.m. K
2:30 p.m. Grades 1 & 3

  • Extended Day is available until 5 p.m. for a limited number of students. 

Class Sizes and Facilities


  • Class size: 8–9 students
  • Lead teacher and teaching assistant
  • Facilities: Pre-k classrooms, art studio, science room


  • Class size: 8–9 students
  • Lead teacher, teaching assistants and enrichment teachers
  • Facilities: Kindergarten classrooms and Lower School classrooms

Lead teachers will rotate between both classrooms for core subjects. TA’s and enrichment teachers will monitor small groups working on independent lessons and work. Students will have their own supplies and will not share any equipment unless it is sanitized between uses.

Enrichment lessons will be pre-recorded for viewing at school or at home. Outdoor spaces will be used to maximize distancing.

After School

Space will be limited for these programs and DA is only offering an annual-contract, in-person option for Aftercare and Extended Day. Drop-in and part-time contracts will not be available for the 2020–2021 school year. On-campus after school programs will follow DA’s health and safety protocols including mask-wearing, frequent handwashing, physical distancing and outdoor activities.

On-campus Extended Day:

Preschool: Monday-Thursday through 5 p.m.  
Lower School: Monday-Thursday through 6 p.m. 

On-campus Pre-k Aftercare: 1 to 2:30 p.m.

After school enrichments will be online only.


  • To support synchronous/asynchronous learning at home, every student is receiving a school-issued iPad during orientation week.
  • Students will receive in-person and online instruction about iPad use and care.
  • Every student iPad is configured with appropriate security controls (e.g. to prevent downloading of inappropriate apps) and web filtering.


To simplify parent, student, and teacher management and communications, the Preschool will use the following technical platforms:

  • Veracross (student/family database)
  • Microsoft Teams (synchronous meetings/instruction)
  • Seesaw (asynchronous instruction)


DA’s Office of Communications will keep families informed about announcements and information related to COVID-19 and the school's learning environments. You can sign up to receive updates via email alerts through our website or via RSS feed.