Our impact will go far beyond these walls.


Upper School Campus Transformation

Fostering innovation and imagination in preparation for an unscripted future.


Middle School Campus Reimagination

Setting the stage for exploration, inspiration and independence.


The Durham Academy Fund: Annual Giving

The foundation upon which we build.



Create a Tomorrow That Transcends Any Threshold

Beyond the Threshold will not only support our talented students and teachers but will create a future of far-reaching impact. This campaign is the most ambitious fundraising effort Durham Academy has ever undertaken. 

We’re on the threshold of the next phase in our exciting campus plans to create state-of-the-art teaching and learning environments. As we extend the ability of our life-changing teachers to create innovative, integrated learning experiences, we continue to carry out our commitment to the excellence for which Durham Academy is known. Beyond the Threshold delivers on our promise to provide a transformative educational experience, fulfilling a plan that started almost 30 years ago with the creation of our Preschool and Lower School campus.


“The Durham Academy recipe really works to create happy, moral and productive lives. We see beyond the current test score or sports season, beyond the end of the school year, beyond graduation. That great beyond is what DA is really all about.”

Michael Ulku-Steiner, Durham Academy Head of School


Our Progress

Amount Needed to Reach Our Goal: $2,799,275




Gifts to Capital Projects


Average Capital Project Gift


Gifts Received*


Average Annual Gift to the DA Fund


in Alumni Gifts to Capital Projects

*Pledged and fulfilled over a five-year period.
Totals as of 8/30/23.


Leading By Example

Delores Moore

“Talented and dedicated teachers lie at the heart of the Durham Academy experience. By supporting both programs and spaces, we attract and retain these life-changers and give them the tools they need to provide the very best education for our children.”

Delores Moore
Trustee, P’26, ’28

Andy Crawford

“We want to give back and let others have the same sort of opportunity to develop the foundation that we were able to develop, going back to the late ’90s.”

Andy Crawford
Class of 1997

Karen Rabenau

“Durham Academy’s innovative learning environments catalyze intellectual curiosity, real-world problem-solving and academic excellence. Our investment today helps build lifelong learners, creative thinkers and leaders of tomorrow."

Karen Rabenau
Campaign Steering Committee Chair,
P’18, ’20, ’20, ’24

“Durham Academy has a responsibility to foster in students the acquisition of knowledge; the development of skills, critical judgment and intellectual curiosity; and increased understanding. This moment is our community’s greatest opportunity yet to uphold the DA mission.”

Kristen Klein
Assistant Head of School


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