Spectators & Livestream

Spring 2021 Spectator Policy

Updated April 15, 2021

Durham Academy will follow the N.C. Independent Schools Athletic Association spring spectator policy by allowing a limited number of only home spectators at on-campus events. Each opposing school has their own policy regarding visiting spectators. DA spectators are not permitted to attend away events unless communicated directly by the Athletics Department that a specific school will allow away fans to attend. This info will be sent out by the AD, coach or parent rep a few days prior to any away event that our fans can attend.   

  • Spectators will be admitted only via a pass list that will be at the entrance to each facility. 

  • Each member of the home team’s roster will be given 4 tickets per contest. These tickets may be given to whomever the student/parents wish.

  • Effective April 15: All Durham Academy students are allowed to attend any home event and are exempt from having to take up a ticket slot. While we want to encourage our students to attend events, please note that DA Athletics staff and school administration have the right to limit students if social distancing cannot be maintained at a particular event.  

  • Effective April 6: All Durham Academy faculty and staff are allowed to attend any home event and are exempt from having to take up a ticket slot. Please show your ID badge to the spectator check-in staff to receive your wristband.

  • DA Parent Athletics Committee (PAC) reps for each sport will coordinate ticket requests and provide a list to the DA Athletics staff by noon on the day of the game.

  • All spectators will be screened by a PAC parent volunteer prior to entering the contest site. This screening will include a temperature check (must be 100.3 degrees or below) and DA’s COVID-19 screening questions.  

  • Spectators must observe social distancing (minimum 6 feet). Families may sit or stand together but are required to social distance from others. All children attending must remain with their parents and not be allowed to wander our fields unattended.

  • Per TISAC policy: All spectators must wear a face covering at all times while attending a DA sporting event on campus. Even if a spectator is more than 6 feet away from another person, a face covering must be worn.