Spectators & Livestream

Spectator Policy

Updated Aug. 27

Spectator Mask Requirement

After consultation with our Medical Advisory Team and DA Administrative Team, as of Thursday, Aug. 19, Durham Academy is requiring ALL DA AND VISITING SPECTATORS (for both indoor and outdoor events) to be masked at all times. DA Athletics staff is working on signage for our facilities, and we will make announcements at those events via our PA system. We appreciate your cooperation.

Spectator LIMITATION policy

At this time, we are not limiting spectators at any home outdoor athletics events. DA Athletics staff will continue to evaluate the need to limit spectators for volleyball games in both the Kirby and Middle School gyms. 

Indoor Sport Participant Mask REQUIREMENT

Durham Academy is mandating masks for indoor sport athletes and coaches at all times, including practices and competition. This mandate will also apply to all opposing schools when they play at DA and when DA teams compete in other facilities, regardless of the host school’s policy. We appreciate your cooperation and support. 


At this time, per updated NCISAA guidelines and NCDHHS guidelines, DA is continuing to be “mask recommended but not required” for our outdoor student-athletes during practices and competition.