Fitness & Sports Medicine

Fitness Programs

Durham Academy’s fitness programs revolve around a commitment to the health, performance, wellness, accessibility and the individual needs of our students. Students have access to the weight room during their free periods, before school, after school and over the summer where they are able to use exercise bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, a rowing machine and a diverse array of strength-training equipment.

The weight room is staffed by Coach Jordan Babwah, our full-time strength and conditioning coach and fitness director. Coach Babwah ensures the safety and proper development of our students by incorporating philosophies and techniques derived from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the National Strength and Conditioning Association and the Exercise and Sports Science program at UNC-Chapel Hill.

In addition to working with our sports teams and PE classes, Coach Babwah designs programs tailored to helping individual students accomplish their own personal fitness goals.

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Jordan Babwah
Fitness Director 

After-School Fitness Classes


This weekly class — taught by longtime yoga instructor Michele Nettesheim — is specifically designed to improve strength and flexibility, as well as provide strategies for relaxation and coping with stress. No yoga experience is necessary.

Functional Mobility

This weekly class — taught by Lauren Stewart, an orthopedic exercise specialist with Fit On Main — teaches participants how to stretch, roll and move the muscles in their bodies to help them feel better and perform better. Ever thought about how tight your hamstrings are, for example? This is an opportunity to explore why and learn how all of our muscles interact so we can get the whole body working better. Using techniques and tools from various fitness disciplines, the class teaches students to make their bodies resilient, flexible and strong.


Sports Medicine

Durham Academy's three certified athletic trainers cover 43 teams across 20 different sports at the Middle School, junior varsity and varsity levels throughout the school year.

Certified athletic trainers are on site for practices and home games to provide injury evaluation, management and rehabilitation. They also provide emergency management and care, concussion management and injury prevention to members of the Durham Academy community. 

The sports medicine facility/training room is located inside Kirby Gym on the Upper School campus, with a satellite room located in the Middle School gym.

Meghan Fulton, MA, LAT, ATC
Head Athletic Trainer
Office: 919-287-1731
Fax: 919-489-7356
Cell: 919-236-9138

Jackie Lauricella, LAT, ATC
Upper School Athletic Trainer

Ricardo Morales-Santos
Middle School Athletic Trainer (part-time)

Sarah Chaires, FNP
Medical Consultant

Walker Robinson, MD
Durham Academy Team Physician

Concussion Management

DA Concussion Management Policy

Durham Academy recognizes the importance of proper concussion recognition, management and safe return-to-learn return-to-play protocols following the injury. A concussion is defined as a traumatic brain injury caused by direct or indirect impact to the head that results in disruption of normal brain function, which may or may not result in loss of consciousness.1 As a member of the North Carolina Independent School Athletic Association, we support and comply with the North Carolina Gfeller-Waller Concussion Awareness Act as it relates to concussion management and athletics. In accordance with the Act, Durham Academy has adopted the following procedures regarding recognition, treatment and management of concussion. 

  1. Any student-athlete exhibiting any signs or symptoms of concussion shall be immediately removed from activity and referred to the Sports Medicine staff.
  2. The Sports Medicine staff will evaluate the student-athlete to determine appropriate treatment and/or referral.
  3. No student-athlete will return to play on the same day that a suspected head injury has occurred, as confirmed by a health care specialist with training in concussion management.
  4. Any student-athlete with a suspected concussion will be monitored and regularly evaluated by the DA Sports Medicine staff. If necessary, the student-athlete will be referred to a DA Learning Specialist to discuss classroom accommodations as needed.
  5. Any student-athlete with a suspected concussion will complete a Return-to-Learn plan as necessary.
  6. Any student-athlete with a suspected concussion will complete a graduated Return-to-Play plan before being fully cleared to re-enter athletic activities. This plan will be supervised by the DA Sports Medicine staff.
  7. Student-athletes competing in girls & boys soccer, volleyball, field hockey, girls & boys lacrosse, girls & boys basketball will complete a baseline concussion exam prior to participating in their sport. Student-athletes competing in other sports may complete a baseline test if desired and/or recommended by the Sports Medicine staff, parents or family physician.
  8. All student-athletes, faculty, coaches and parents will receive education and information annually on concussions.
  9. Durham Academy will review and update the concussion policy annually. 

June 2019

1 Gfeller-Waller NCHSAA School & Athletic Personal Concussion Information Sheet

Concussion Forms