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Fitness & Sports Medicine

Fitness Programs

Durham Academy’s fitness programs revolve around a commitment to the health, performance, wellness, accessibility and the individual needs of our students. Students can use the Upper School fitness center during their free periods, before school, after school and over the summer; they have access to exercise bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, a rowing machine and a diverse array of strength-training equipment with the guidance of highly trained professionals.

The fitness center is staffed by two full-time professionals who ensure the safety and proper development of our students by incorporating philosophies and techniques derived from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the National Strength and Conditioning Association, the Exercise and Sports Science program at UNC-Chapel Hill and the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Duke University.

In addition to working with our sports teams and PE classes, these experts design programs tailored to helping individual students accomplish their own personal fitness goals.

We’re doing more than just getting a person physically fit. We’re treating the social-emotional side as well.

Dr. Krishinda Lee '04, Upper School Physical Education Teacher

Extracurricular Fitness Offerings

Sports Medicine

Durham Academy Athletics has worked steadily to improve and expand our athletic training program, which provides preventive measures, expert initial emergency care and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. The school has a well-stocked training facility — including taping and assessment tables and other treatment and rehab facilities — all managed by Durham Academy’s certified athletic trainers. 

A Durham Academy athletic trainer works with a student-athlete.

Sports Medicine Team

DA athletic trainers provide support for all students, whether or not they are competing on an athletics team. These professionals supervise all aspects of training, including coordination of coverage of games, practices and the training room. DA athletic trainers work directly with coaches in planning preventive conditioning programs.

While emphasizing injury prevention, teaching proper techniques and properly administering emergency first aid, the Durham Academy athletic training program provides a safe and enjoyable environment for participation in interscholastic athletics. The athletic trainers also oversee practice and game conditions in relation to weather conditions, making sure Durham Academy coaches and athletes are following suggested guidelines relating to heat/humidity and storm/severe weather conditions. The athletic trainers oversee training programs for teams and make recommendations to coaches and athletes, particularly in the areas of injury prevention/rehab and hot weather practice conditions.