Alumni Board

The Durham Academy Alumni Board plans and executes the activities of the Durham Academy Alumni Association, encourages participation in alumni programs and school events and promotes alumni support to the Durham Academy Fund and other school fundraising initiatives. 

If you're interested in serving on the Alumni Board or getting involved in any way, please reach out!

Tim McKenna
Director of Alumni Engagement
919-489-6569 x6149

Alumni Board 2019–2020

Nick Livengood '08 President

Nick Livengood

College: Elon University, B.A.; Elon University, J.D.

Career: Attorney and commercial broker with Real Estate Associates, Inc.

What DA means to me: As a “lifer," DA became the first example to me of what it means to be part of a community. The teachers take a personal approach to making sure students comprehend, honesty and integrity are engrained from day one, and classmates push each other to be the best they can be. The DA experience carries beyond the classroom, giving students the education and confidence they need to succeed in college and through life. I value my time at DA as a student and athlete because of the great memories and lifelong relationships it created. It is a privilege to be able to give back by serving on the Alumni Board.

Sterling Mah Ingui '97 Vice President

Sterling Mah Ingui

College: Columbia University, B.A.; Duke University, M.B.A.

Career: Head of Go To Market at Fidelity Labs

What DA means to me: For me, DA is my community — it is where I have friends, teachers, coaches, mentors and mentees. As an alum and parent to two children at DA, I am grateful to be a part of a community that embraces intellectual curiosity, fosters growth in and outside of the classroom, and values authentic and meaningful connections. I have a bond with many of my teachers that has carried on beyond my time in their classroom, and I’m thrilled to see the same kind of bond developing between my children and many of their teachers. From my work in FinTech and Marketing, I’ve become an advocate for STEAM and for strong communities that evolve to meet the needs of its people. I’m happy to see DA’s community continues to include the tradition of Lower School reading buddies, while adding innovative programs such as STEAM in kindergarten and design thinking in the Lower School TED lab.

Margaret Anderson '09

Margaret Anderson

College: UNC-Chapel Hill, B.A.; Duke University, J.D.

Career: Law clerk with U.S. Courts of Appeals

My memories of DA: I think that Durham Academy excels at creating a strong sense of community. In particular, I have always felt that teachers at DA were fully invested in our personal and academic growth not just for a school year, but for life. Though I have many fond memories from my time as a student at DA, one of my favorite DA memories may actually be a conversation I had with Mr. Cullen last year while we were watching my youngest brother, a "lifer" in the class of 2019, warm up for a cross-country race. Mr. Cullen reminded me of the first time he watched my brother run; during an all-school celebration of the school's 75th anniversary, my brother broke away from his second grade class and sprinted across the lacrosse field to join me in the senior class section, where he was fully embraced as an honorary member of the class.

Millie Long Barritt '94

Millie Long Barritt

College: UNC-Chapel Hill, B.A.; University of Virginia, M.D.; University of North Carolina, MPH

Career: Physician with UNC Department of Medicine, Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology

My memories of DA: My fondest memories of DA include my outstanding teachers who gave me the foundation needed to excel in college and beyond, and my fellow students, particularly my teammates on various teams, mostly notably the swim team and cross-country team.

Kent Cheesborough '05

Katye Proctor Freelon '03

Katye Proctor Feelon

College: UNC-Chapel Hill, ?? degree

Career: Strategist for Pierce Freelon for North Carolina State Senate Campaign.

My memories of DA: I believe it was my senior year at DA when I was hired to work in the office answering phones. It was wonderful that the teachers and staff trusted students with these types of responsibilities and I felt proud to help the school in my own small way. Working in the office helped build my confidence for my subsequent jobs during college.

Molly Kane Frommer '01

Molly Frommer

College: Duke University, B.A.; UNC-Chapel Hill, M.Ed.

Career: Former middle school counselor; now stay-at-home mom

What DA means to me: In a word: community. Whether on the athletic fields, hiking on Senior Challenge, or in the classroom, I was always part of a team at Durham Academy. At DA, I was routinely challenged, while being supported by teachers, classmates, teammates, and advisors to do my best.  DA created a community where I was encouraged to take risks and reflect on my mistakes. The school’s nurturing environment helped me to push my boundaries, allowing me to discover new interests and untapped strengths. I am eternally thankful for my time at DA and for the many relationships that have outlasted my years on campus!

Margie Gudaitis '07

Margie Gudaitis

College: Davidson College, B.S.

Career: Associate director of development for the University of Arizona College of Science

What DA means to me: The thing that I most appreciate about Durham Academy is the dual commitment to intellectual curiosity and community service that pervade all aspects of the student experience. As a student, I learned from and was supported by passionate teachers and administrators who lived out those values in their own work. And now, more than 10 years since graduating from DA, it’s incredible seeing the various ways that my classmates and I continue to grow, challenge ourselves, and strive to positively impact the world around us. Of course, winning two state championships with the field hockey team was a pretty cool highlight from my time there too — go DAFH!

Torsie Judkins '91

Torsie Judkins

College: North Carolina Wesleyan College, B.S.; Manhattanville College, M.Ed.

Career: Director of admissions and enrollment at the International School of Brooklyn

What DA means to me: As a former student, faculty member, coach and administrator, DA means so much to me. DA helped me become passionate about teaching and learning. The faculty, staff, students and parents at DA encouraged me to always strive to foster an inclusive community. The four years as a student and nine years as a faculty member helped me embody positive qualities, behaviors and values both within and outside of the DA community. I am so grateful for all the lifelong friendships I established at DA, and I am always proud to give back.  

Adam Lang '98

Adam Lang

College: Duke University, B.A.; China Europe International Business School, M.B.A.

Career: Business development director at Colite International; broker at Frasher Whaley Realty Group

What DA means to me: DA is home. It’s a beacon that, no matter where you are in the world, tends to draw you back to it. I lived abroad for 13 years, and DA was a big part of the decision to move back to Durham. As an alumnus and now DA parent, I can truly appreciate the value that the school offers. It shaped my character and personality into who I am today.

Ben Mark ’03

Ben Mark

College: UNC-Chapel Hill, B.A.; Purdue University, M.B.A.

Career: Director of business development at SportsMEDIA Technology

What DA means to me: Durham Academy engenders a most unique environment — one that perpetually pushes students to work harder, think more analytically, and tackle the impossible, yet one that simultaneously provides deep nurturing and support to lead students to success. I always look back to Durham Academy as the place responsible for instilling this balance of core principles and for laying the foundation of my character.  And I wouldn't trade that for the world.

Sarah Graham Motsinger '00

Sarah Motsinger

College: Elon University, B.A.

Career: Assistant director of development at Durham Academy

What DA means to me: To me, Durham Academy is all about family. I’ve been a member of the DA community for the past 28 years and have loved experiencing the school as a student, alumna and staff member. Now that my daughter is a student here, I get to see DA through her eyes, and I know how lucky she is to be a part of a community filled with compassionate and talented teachers that have so much heart for their students.

Kyle Mumma '09

Kyle Mumma

College: Duke University, B.A.; Duke University, M.B.A.

Career: Founder and CEO of NextPlay

What DA means to me: While I have plenty of incredible memories of friends, school trips, and alumni events since graduating, DA means much more than just those memories. Had I gone to another school without an incredible faculty like DA, a somewhat lazy and unmotivated kid like me would have been at risk of being left behind or lost in the shuffle. Thanks to DA, I not only kept up, but was admitted to Duke and was able to begin tapping into my potential as I matured.

Lee Patterson '00

Lee Patterson

College: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, B.A.; University of Richmond School of Law, J.D.; Duke University School of Law, LLM

Career: Attorney at Morningstar Law Group

What DA means to me: As a second-generation DA student (and parent to two third-generation DA students), Durham Academy has been a central part of my life and a driving force behind who I am. Whether in the classroom learning from incredible teachers, battling to three state championships on the lacrosse field, volunteering with Habitat or just hanging out with classmates who are still my best friends, the Durham Academy experience provided me with invaluable lessons about character, confidence and community that I carry with me today. DA has maintained these core values while constantly continuing to innovate in an ever-changing world.

Steed Rollins '78

Steed Rollins

College: Duke University, B.S.; Duke University, M.B.A.

Career: Realtor with Keller Williams Realty

What DA means to me: I am one of only a small group of DA alumni that attended the Duke Street, Academy Road and Ridge Road campuses as the school grew during the 60s, 70s and 80s. Many of my best friends still today were at DA with me.

Amelia Ashton Thorn '01

Amelia Thorn

College: Stanford, B.A .; Duke University, J.D.

Career: Bolch Judicial Institute

What DA means to me: I fondly recall my lucky 13 years at DA, most especially my Latin classes, volleyball teammates, and the life-long friends I made along the way.