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Welcome and thank you for your interest in Durham Academy — we're delighted to share everything that's wonderful about our community with you! We look forward to building relationships and partnerships with prospective students and families, and those are more important now than ever. 

Although our admissions process is slightly different than in previous years due to COVID-19, you'll see that DA's commitment to academic excellence, nurturing and mentoring relationships between teachers and students, and the long-term development of values are still at the heart of the DA experience. 

We would much rather meet you in person, but you can find more information and inspiration below! Feel free to reach out to our Enrollment Management team at 919-493-5787 or with any questions or to find out more about the admissions process. We look forward to getting to know your family!

DA Hybrid in Action


Welcome to Pre-K!

Pre-kindergarten teacher Nikki Graves has worked at DA for 10 years. She is a Middle School parent and the JV and varsity girls basketball coach.


Meet Mrs. Hanks!

Lori Hanks — the mom of a sixth-grader and second-grader — joined DA in 2018.

First Grade

Mrs. Soler's Fireflies

Jessica Soler, who joined DA in 2005, leads her first-grade students in foundational lessons in phonics, reading and writing.

Third Grade

Burch's Bubble Band

Teacher Jeff Burch loves this age group because students make leaps in independence and understanding abstract concepts.

DA Hybrid Schedules

For the 2020–2021 school year, DA's hybrid learning plan prioritizes the healthy and safety of our students, families, faculty and staff; fulfills our mission of preparing students for moral, happy, productive lives; and upholds our commitment to academic excellence. Explore DA's Cavs Connected page to learn more about the protocols that allowed for a safe return to campus and after school options. Students who need to or choose to remain at home are able to continue learning without interruption, thanks to a robust online curriculum. 

Preschool/Lower School Virtual Tour

Middle School Virtual Tour

Upper School Virtual Tour

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Enrollment Management Team

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Información en español

¡Bienvenidos a Durham Academy! Para información en español sobre admisiones y ayuda financiera, contacten a Margarita Throop, un enlace bilingüe para las familias latinas en DA.

Why We Love Durham Academy

"I can see just a small amount of the work that is being put in to not only open DA this fall, but to do so safely. I see the joy in my children at being able to attend school in person. I love that this school has met every challenge as an opportunity to show grace, dedication, and diligence to complete the task at hand. I love that DA is creating traditions and fond memories for my children."

Lower and Middle School parent

"I know this wasn’t easily done, but you have certainly made it look easy. At a time when the rest of the world feels chaotic and unpredictable, DA has managed to remain the same stable pillar in the lives of my children that you have always been."

Lower and Upper School parent

"Words can’t begin to describe the amazement and deep gratitude I feel... for a cohesive, productive learning experience that extends far beyond academics. [Our children] are actively learning and they are sufficiently challenged, but they are not stressed. They are also getting the message that academics are important, but physical health, mental health and positive relationships are critical. These kids feel cared about and loved by their school." 

Upper School Parent

Why DA?

Moral. Happy. Productive. Those words are at the heart of Durham Academy’s mission statement — and have been for almost 50 years — because at DA, character matters. More than homework or grades or SAT scores, character is what endures. Our mission to prepare students for moral, happy, productive lives means DA is as committed to developing our students’ moral compass as we are to developing their intellect. 

But what does a moral, happy, productive life look like? What do we mean when we use those words? What traits or characteristics are essential to living such a life? Explore Durham Academy’s school-wide definition of good character below, representing our aspirational articulation of the values we hope to infuse in all our students.


What principles drive us to do the right thing?


What characteristics promote and inspire happiness?


What qualities create a sense of purpose in life?