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Upper School Curriculum

  • Science
Physics 9
Grade: 9 

Physics 9 is a concept-focused, hands-on course emphasizing:

  • Core physics content of kinematics, dynamics, and energy.
  • Analyzation of phenomena such as projectile motion, collisions, and rotational equilibrium.
  • Foundational science skills of experimental design, analysis of observations, and the making of claims supported by evidence through reasoning.
  • Application of knowledge and creativity to define, analyze, and engineer solutions to complex problems.
  • Foundational teamwork, collaboration, and independent learning skills at the heart of modern scientific research and discovery endeavors.

Students will learn and practice the physics content through experiments and projects structured around scaffolded practice, mathematical modeling, and data graphing and analysis. Students will develop teamship skills and strategies while engineering projects to meet a challenge or solve a complex problem. This required first course of the DA science sequence facilitates the development of the science, learning, and teamwork skills that students will expand and refine throughout the three-year core science sequence. This course further supports Durham Academy’s mission and goals by highlighting the accomplishments and stories of scientists from traditionally excluded communities. Students will gain an understanding of the diverse contributions and methodologies essential to our understanding of everyday phenomena and the universe as a whole. This course is the prerequisite for Chemistry 10 and Honors Chemistry 10.

  • Grade 9