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Upper School Curriculum

  • Science
Honors Chemistry 10
Grade: 10
PREREQ: Physics 9, Algebra II (can be taken concurrently)

Honors Chemistry 10 covers many of the same topics as Chemistry 10 but in greater depth. Emphasis is placed on mathematical as well as conceptual understanding of chemical principles. Teamwork, critical thinking, and written communication skills are emphasized. Students in this class are expected to demonstrate sophisticated mathematical reasoning, individual responsibility, and time management skills. 

The first semester focuses on the particle nature of matter, kinetic theory of particles, energy transfer between particles and how particles interact to form different phases of matter. The second semester focuses on chemical reactions, atomic structure, chemical bonding, and molecular geometry. Throughout the year, the course makes extensive use of laboratory investigations to develop the relationships between experiment and theory, and to develop data analysis and graphing skills. Students will often be required to explain their findings using the Claim-Evidence-Reasoning (CER) framework, which requires students to think critically about the data they gather in the lab and what it means. An underlying theme of the course is that science is a human endeavor that requires collaboration and problem solving. Students will deepen their understanding of this process in various ways — through experience, reflection, and research. In particular, there is an emphasis on human contributions to science by studying diverse scientists and challenges they have faced.

  • Grade 10