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Upper School Curriculum

  • English
English 11: American Literature
Grade: 11

In English 11, students explore essential questions that continue to define American culture: What does it mean to be an American? What is the relationship between individual and community? Who has voice and power in our country, and how can the disenfranchised speak truth to power? By studying major works of American fiction, poetry and nonfiction, students continue to hone and expand their literacy skills, deepening their understanding of language, form and theme. Daily class discussions prompt students to exchange ideas and perspectives with their peers, engaging in collaborative learning. Writing assignments challenge students to compose in a range of modes, including comparative analysis, personal narrative and the Common App college essay. Students develop their research, synthesis and argumentation skills through a full-year passion project that invites them to dive deeply into a topic of their choice. Students in English 11 will get more in-class reading review and writing instruction than students taking ADV English 11

  • Grade 11