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Upper School Curriculum

  • Advanced (ADV)
  • English
ADV English 11: American Literature & Rhetoric
Grade: 11
PREREQ: Teacher recommendation advised

Students in ADV English 11: American Literature & Rhetoric will do everything described in the English 11 description and undertake an additional focus on rhetoric, the art of using language effectively to persuade and influence others. Through rhetorical analysis, students learn to consider how a text’s context informs the choices an author makes. ADV English 11 students will read more nonfiction and examine how American writers and speakers have used artful language to construct and critique the image and values to which America aspires. Students will jump right into interpretive work in class each day, independently navigating more fundamental skills such as reading comprehension and essay drafting. Students can expect more challenging assessments, a heavier cognitive workload, and higher standards for reading and writing skills than in English 11.

  • Grade 11