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Upper School Curriculum

  • Science
ADV Physics: Electricity and Magnetism
Grades: 11, 12
PREREQ: Physics 9 (or Physics 10 where applicable), Chemistry 10 (or equivalent), and AP Calculus (AB or BC, or their ADV equivalents). Note that students are not required to enroll in or complete ADV Physics Mechanics in order to be successful in ADV Physics Electricity & Magnetism.

In this Advanced course, students will gain an understanding of advanced topics in physics built from a calculus-based study of electricity and magnetism. These foundational concepts will be strengthened through real-world applications such as renewable energy and sustainable transportation in a way that supports DA’s strategic goals in sustainability. Possible topics include circuits, generators, electric vehicles, maglev trains, musical devices, astrophysics, quantum physics, and medical devices. Students will be introduced to mechanics concepts as needed in the context of learning the Electricity and Magnetism content. This course will include many labs, projects and other hands-on activities that foster creativity and critical thinking, in addition to building core content knowledge and understanding of fascinating electromagnetic phenomena at the university level.

  • Grade 11
  • Grade 12