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Upper School Curriculum

  • Interdisciplinary Studies
ADV Psychology
Grades: 12 (Grade 11 with departmental approval)

Psychology is a young and ever-evolving science. This course will cover a variety of psychology’s fundamental concepts and theories while also considering how our understanding changes with emerging data and recognition of individual differences; cultural, biological and social influences; and our perceptual biases. Students will be challenged to synthesize broad-ranging material from neurobiology to emotion, sensation to substance use and psychological disorders to social influence. When possible, we will hear from experts in the field to gain a better understanding of what psychology looks like in professional settings. There will be opportunities to evaluate, design and conduct research and to apply psychological principles to personal growth and community-building. Students must be curious about themselves and the world around them, be willing to collaborate, offer and receive feedback and respectfully engage in classroom discussions and activities with an open and critical mind.

  • Grade 12