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Upper School Curriculum

  • Advanced (ADV)
  • Interdisciplinary Studies
ADV Community-Based Research
Grades: 10, 11, 12
Fall, Spring
PREREQ: Successful Application to Pathway Scholars

This course will provide students with the requisite foundation in research skills and community engagement. Students will learn the principles of service learning and design thinking as they deepen their critical consciousness about our local and global communities and partner with community leaders and organizations. Students will consider questions such as: How does one ethically engage with a community? How do geography, race, class, power and privilege influence our conception of community and engagement? Students will then research, plan and prepare for their unique community engagement project. This may include researching and identifying community organizations engaged in work related to a scholar’s research focus, interviewing community members and experts in the field, building and iterating prototypes, and more. Readings and activities for this course could include case studies, guest speakers and student-facilitated interviews based around the three Pathways: Entrepreneurship, Global Citizenship and Sustainability. Students will produce reflective writing as well as analytical position papers based upon their research and engagement experiences. The culminating project will be a community-based research proposal that students will implement in the ADV Pathway Scholars course.

  • Grade 10
  • Grade 11
  • Grade 12