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Upper School Curriculum

  • Advanced (ADV)
  • Science
ADV Biology
Grade: 12
PREREQ: Biology, Physics, Honors Chemistry (or B+ in Chemistry); departmental approval 

Building on the first courses in biology and chemistry, students in this Advanced course will explore more complex content and experimental practices used by biologists. The Advanced Biology course will approach biological concepts through inquiry-based learning, using a combination of research and project-based learning, case studies, and laboratory experiments. Students will incorporate both individual and collaborative learning, as they engage in science as it is practiced by scientists — reading the primary literature, asking questions and developing ways to find answers, writing in the style of the discipline, presenting ideas orally, developing and testing hypotheses, conducting research experiments, analyzing data, thinking creatively and critically, working effectively in teams, and applying their skills and conceptual understanding to new situations. As practicing scientists, students will focus on making connections between science and daily life and considering the ways those connections impact the world and society we live in. Students will leave this course with greater confidence in their ability to engage in society as a scientifically literate citizen.

  • Grade 12