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Middle School Social Studies Curriculum

Middle School Social Studies is an interdisciplinary field grounded in the study of human beings and their behaviors and choices over time. Students will have the opportunity to examine content, from ancient to modern, through a variety of lenses. Skill development is foundational to the student experience. Historical inquiry, recognizing  perspectives, and effectively communicating understandings are the key competencies that will be built during middle school.

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  • Question personal values and recognize the values of others in order to navigate a complex world.
  • Critically analyze contemporary and historical narratives.
  • Question power dynamics to thoughtfully engage in society.
  • Apply concepts and analyze systems of economics to engage purposefully in a global economy.
  • Interpret how geography shapes perspective, policy, and power.

Middle School Science Course Offerings

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Social Studies 5

As their first dedicated Social Studies course at Durham Academy, a goal is to introduce students to the wonders of learning and thinking as historians, geographers and citizens of the world. We introduce the students to the “Portrait of a DA History Graduate” in order to have students engage with essential questions and enduring understandings that they will ponder as they advance through DA social studies/history courses through the years.

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Social Studies 6

In Social Studies 6, students strive to build enduring understandings of the complexity of the world and develop essential skills (competencies) to enable them to critically examine and attempt to explain human behaviors and actions. 

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Social Studies 7

In seventh-grade Social Studies, students continue a study of how societies evolve. We focus our work by examining thematic patterns, specifically looking for ways that trade, power and conflict affect civilizations. 

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Social Studies 8

In Civics/Social Studies 8, students will explore the role of government as it relates to a healthy and vibrant democracy. Students will investigate the founding principles and guiding documents of the United States government and explore the relationship of citizens to their government at all levels. Fundamental to the course is the question what the role of the government is and should be in a working democracy. 

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