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Middle School Language Arts Curriculum

Middle school is a time for students to develop their sense of self and begin to reflect on who they are and who they wish to become. Our program seeks to provide students with opportunities to learn about themselves and others through the written word.

Writing, reading, vocabulary, and grammar instruction enriches the reading experience and helps to ensure that students have the skills and language to express themselves in writing and speaking.

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  • Read regularly, for information and enjoyment, and know themselves as readers. 

  • Read all kinds of texts and images with confidence and the skills to think critically about context, content, and message. 

  • Communicate ideas effectively in writing to reach a variety of audiences and to fulfill a variety of purposes. 

  • Use speaking and listening skills to effectively communicate ideas, in both face-to-face conversation and oral presentations, to suit various audiences and goals.

  • Pose thoughtful, open-ended questions, and search for and develop reasonable, evidence-based conclusions.  

  • Explore words and images to gain both a greater understanding of oneself as well as empathy for other experiences and perspectives.

Middle School Language Arts Course Offerings

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Language Arts 5

In fifth grade, students become active members of a community of readers and writers. The course is based upon our belief that in order to learn how to express yourself, it’s important to develop your identity as a reader. Students in fifth grade learn to identify a variety of middle grade genres with a variety of themes, all chosen to widen their world view and to promote conversation about what it means to be a reader, writer, and contributing member of society. 

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Language Arts 6

The primary goal of the sixth grade Language Arts program is to increase the experience, frequency, expertise, and enjoyment of literature and writing. Students read and write about the stories of different identities in order to better understand themselves and others. With this overall goal in mind, the program provides ample time and space for students to practice these skills and to make choices about what they read and write.

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Language Arts 7

In seventh grade Language Arts, students read texts that provide windows into a range of identities and experiences. This class is organized around three sets of skills: critical thinking, speaking and listening, and writing. 

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Language Arts 8

Eighth-grade Language Arts develops and assesses students' critical thinking, writing, and speaking & listening skills. Students will learn to choose appropriate evidence and demonstrate analysis through essay writing, seminar discussions, creative work, and presentations. Students will plan, draft, proofread, revise, and grow as writers using feedback and metacognitive-focused reflection. 

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Speech and Debate

The Speech & Debate elective course makes apparent to students the “public speaking” and “debate” that happens all around us.  While focusing around speech, students work with each other to prioritize clarity and cultivate their unique voices. 

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