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Middle School Curriculum

  • Arts
Vocal Ensemble Concentration 7–8

In this concentration, students will be active music makers exploring the power and joy of song in an ensemble setting. Students will work on the physical and artistic aspects of singing: breath control, vocal tuning, tone, projection, agility and interpretation, while singing in parts and learning music in a variety of genres for at least two concerts during the year, with optional solo opportunities. In addition, students will have the opportunity to share music with those outside the Middle School community (other school divisions or outside community groups). Students will also work on musicianship and music theory concepts to develop the skills needed to be independent musicians. There is flexibility in the curriculum that allows for student input on repertoire selections and areas of study. This could include use of music technology, pop music analysis, music and the media, singers and composers, music as an agent of social change, and more!  Attendance at a pre-performance dress rehearsal is mandatory and takes precedence over other after-school commitments.

  • Grade 7
  • Grade 8