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Middle School Curriculum

  • Computer Science
STEAM by Design: Deeper Impact using Design Thinking for Local and Global Problems (not offered for 2023–2024)

This year-long Design Thinking course will foster independent problem-solving, empathy, collaboration, leadership, and community outreach through a series of student-driven projects addressing today's and tomorrow's real-life challenges. 

Projects will start small and localized. The beginning of the course will emphasize the design thinking process while addressing problems that classmates and individual users face. Once students are familiar with the process, they will be asked to build solutions for issues at DA. The year culminates in students utilizing the design and collaboration skills they have built throughout the year to solve more complex community issues. STEAM-specific skills and resources-such as coding, graphic design, and 3D printing & design (and more) will be used to create prototypes of the solutions designed by the students. 

A reflective learning portfolio with artifacts will be completed for each unit/project. Students must document their learning, reflect on their progress, communicate ideas to others to gather feedback, and reflect on their overall learning process.

  • Grade 7
  • Grade 8