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Middle School Curriculum

  • Language Arts
Speech and Debate

The Speech and Debate elective course makes apparent to students the “public speaking” and “debate” that happens all around us.  

While focusing around speech, students work with each other to prioritize clarity and cultivate their unique voices. By focusing around the skillsets learned through extemporaneous speaking, original oratory and interpretation of literature, students will have the opportunity to explore a diverse range of contexts and modalities.   

While focusing around debate, students work on developing their core persuasion, communication, and collaboration skills. Students will also learn how to compete in formalized debate events like Lincoln-Douglas, Public Forum and Congressional Debate. Finally, students will be introduced to both the foundations of complex argument creation as well as the competitive structure of debate rounds. By the end of the year, students will feel comfortable preparing and delivering arguments and presentations in advance and in the moment.

Throughout the course, students will acquire and hone research skills to access, analyze and synthesize information from a variety of sources. Students will finish the course with the ability to review sources, determine their validity, apply them to a topic, and integrate them in a refined manner.

Students who complete the course will be left with a number of vital communication skills needed to succeed in the world around them. We strive to help students find their voice and fine means to share it in a clear, concise and structured manner.  

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