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Middle School Curriculum

  • Social Studies
Social Studies 8

In Civics/Social Studies 8, students will explore the role of government as it relates to a healthy and vibrant democracy. Students will investigate the founding principles and guiding documents of the United States government and explore the relationship of citizens to their government at all levels. Fundamental to the course is the question what the role of the government is and should be in a working democracy. 

An inquiry-based course, students will grapple with essential questions such as “What do we mean when we say 'We'?," and “What is and what should be the role of the government in a thriving democracy? The course will explore how various stakeholders, past and present, have answered these questions. Students will be at the center of this journey; finding their voice, reflecting on their values, asking questions, and understanding their role as citizens in American democracy. Students will learn about the work of Americans who have held the U.S. government accountable to the promise of true democracy for all Americans.They will learn the essential role of changemakers to our ever-evolving American democracy.

  • Grade 8