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Middle School Curriculum

  • Social Studies
Social Studies 7

In seventh-grade Social Studies, students continue a study of how societies evolve. We focus our work by examining thematic patterns, specifically looking for ways that trade, power and conflict affect civilizations. 

Students will study patterns of globalization that emerge in the modern world by focusing on several case studies of significance. Learning about flourishing cultures in Asia, Africa, and the Americas will create a backdrop for how global economic forces influence societies, the impact and legacy of colonization, movements of independence, and the rise of authoritarian dictatorship.

Building on the skills they have developed in fifth and sixth grade, students will further hone their historical inquiry skills by writing more complex thesis statements and exploring a variety of source material. Students will explore history from a global perspective, and continue to work on advancing their formal writing and presentation skills as they tackle more nuanced and complex material.

  • Grade 7