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Middle School Curriculum

  • Social Studies
Social Studies 5

As their first dedicated Social Studies course at Durham Academy, a goal is to introduce students to the wonders of learning and thinking as historians, geographers and citizens of the world. We introduce the students to the “Portrait of a DA History Graduate” in order to have students engage with essential questions and enduring understandings that they will ponder as they advance through DA social studies/history courses through the years.

By the end of the year, students should have an understanding of how the United States came to be. The fifth-grade course begins with a unit on geography, then shifts to a survey of American history — a chronological overview of major events broken down by century. Next, we will have a civics-based unit looking at the founding documents, citizenship, race, and immigration. Thinking about "What does it mean to be an American" is a major theme. Throughout the year, students are exposed to current events, ongoing geography skills, and awareness of the diversity of cultures that forms America.

Students will engage with both primary and secondary sources from a wide range of perspectives and time periods.They will develop critical thinking skills and understand that all voices matter in telling America’s complicated story.

  • Grade 5