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Middle School Curriculum

  • Arts
Movement Concentration 7–8

Seventh- and eighth-grade students are combined in Movement for a year-long course that builds upon the skills and experiences learned in the fifth- and sixth-grade trimesters. Classes begin with a physical warmup, movement games, an outdoor walk about campus, or a relaxation/centered breathing activity.

All students are welcomed in class, regardless of experience. Learning styles are supported through watching, learning and applying dance vocabulary from various techniques, including Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Modern, and international dance techniques.

Choreography activities include improvisation, composition, group work to devise student generated choreography, watching video excerpts from various styles of dance technique and choreography, and collaborating to create dances for the stage, and outdoors.

Performance opportunities include a fall, winter and spring performance, featuring choreography that is both teacher- and student-devised, directed and performed.

  • Grade 7
  • Grade 8