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Middle School Curriculum

  • Arts
Movement Exploration 5–6

Movement Explorations focus on an interpretive, creative approach to dance that introduces the student to many dance techniques: Creative Movement, Classical Ballet, Modern, Jazz, and Contemporary.

Activities include a daily warm up, improvisation, creating choreography, developing self-awareness and respect for others, group problem-solving tasks, and a wellness component that includes stretching techniques to avoid sports injuries and guided visualization/relaxation techniques to promote mindfulness and confidence. Through these activities, dance is appreciated as an expressive vehicle and as an art form.

Opportunities to perform and watch as an audience are offered as an in-class, process-based experience for fifth and sixth grade. This allows for a comfort level to emerge as the students become familiar with the language of dance and performing.

The class culminates with a final group choreography project that features student generated material, created and performed as a collaborative effort, shared with their classmates and celebrated with costumes, posters to advertise and refreshments.

  • Grade 5
  • Grade 6