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Middle School Curriculum

  • Language Arts
Language Arts 8

Eighth-grade Language Arts develops and assesses students' critical thinking, writing, and speaking & listening skills. Students will learn to choose appropriate evidence and demonstrate analysis through essay writing, seminar discussions, creative work, and presentations. Students will plan, draft, proofread, revise, and grow as writers using feedback and metacognitive-focused reflection. 

Reading: Diversity of identities, perspectives, and genres are central to our book selections. Students choose from a range of memoirs during a book circle unit. Class reads typically include titles such as Romeo & Juliet, Maus II, and The 57 Bus

Writing: Students write and receive feedback in a variety of forms. Students will write academic essays, spoken-word poems, and adapted Shakespeare scripts. 

Speaking and Listening: Students will learn the art of conversation through seminar-style discussions, calls with Meals on Wheels clients, and interviews. They will practice their public speaking through events such as a public forum debate and a poetry slam.

  • Grade 8