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Middle School Curriculum

  • Language Arts
Language Arts 5

In fifth grade, students become active members of a community of readers and writers. The course is based upon our belief that in order to learn how to express yourself, it’s important to develop your identity as a reader. Students in fifth grade learn to identify a variety of middle grade genres with a variety of themes, all chosen to widen their world view and to promote conversation about what it means to be a reader, writer, and contributing member of society. 

Students are encouraged to think critically about what they read and to analyze and evaluate information and ideas to understand other people’s lived experiences and how others express themselves. Students work collaboratively with peers to discuss their responses to text, examine different types of writing, and to improve the content and clarity of their writing in meaningful contexts. We study vocabulary, grammar, and writing mechanics topics in order to provide students with the skills to successfully represent their own ideas.

  • Grade 5